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  1. GrpA AP front brakes

    Were all the group A calipers radial mounted? Or did some have lugs?
  2. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Great start Andy look forward to the updates
  3. New owner of DJR 1

    Changes look great Paul Seen it at the cosworth factory
  4. List of rs500 touring cars at NEC autosport show

    Great stand and turn out, I think the stunning girls on the surrounding stands were even jealous of the attention the RS500's were getting Great to see so many examples in one place and in the UK
  5. List of rs500 touring cars at NEC autosport show

    Great work Paul
  6. Fantastic DJR workshop pictures

    Great Pictures. Like the look of a complete white unstickered racer too

    Great stuff Paul, will be up for that
  8. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Great Mark, Any progress on the shell?
  9. Do like the look of that Bm Wonder if we will see the sierra restored in the near future
  10. building an rs500 gpa

    Interesting, any more pictures of the sump setup? Never seen one dismantled Would love to build one up from scratch, with all old stock or new remanufactured alloy GRPA parts I would not like to put a price on the Engine and management side though. Where do you even start?
  11. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    Mint! Look forward to seeing it at shows
  12. Luckiest man at National Day

    Love touch :-)
  13. A.Hahne 1988 DTM winner replica

    Great job, cant wait to start mine
  14. Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    Still looks stupidly quick, I wouldn't want to give it back
  15. Eggenberger No.7

    What a car More pictures please
  16. 3 door Cosworth rebuild

    So fresh :-)

    Great find, cant wait to see how its transformed
  18. New owner comes out

    Class Paul
  19. 3dr Sierra Cosworth Bonnet vents

    As above please can be single or pair in any colour Please let me know what you have via pm Thanks Joe
  20. 3dr Sierra Cosworth Bonnet vents

    Btt can trade for brand new bumper indicators if that helps anyone?
  21. Doddy

    Hi Doddy welcome to the site. Be great to see some pictures of it before and during the resto Plenty of help to be had here too, if you need some with either fitting or sourcing parts
  22. Manuel Reuter xr4ti

    Some nice cars coming out the wood work now
  23. Heat shield

    Demon Tweeks do some by the manufacturer Cool-it
  24. Restoration of a legend , #70

    Great jobs guys Few pictures on ebay on the back of a trailer. Looks the bollox
  25. texaco egmo feature in this months fast ford.

    Agreed, i would think the drivers and company owners will struggle to compete with some of the knowledge guys have on here