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  1. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Great video, thanks. Its very helpful to see some interior shots which are always the most difficult to find. Meanwhile progress is being made with the car. Will post a few more pics soon. Alex
  2. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Hi Paul, It will be used as intended.........
  3. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Nothing much happening with the car recently, been bust at LMC. Hope to put a few more pics on soon.....Alex
  4. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Hi Paul / Keiran, It is really just the meaning of the chassis number I don`t understand. I know all the history of the car, that part is without doubt. Just that 3467 could not possibly relate to 1988 when the car was built. But it could just be a specific customer related number. Alex
  5. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    As I understand the car was built by Eggenberger specifically for Trampio Toyo. So it was a new car when it arrived in Japan. So no history prior to that. I don`t really understand the chassis number on this car ? Does anyone have an understanding of what it means EGMO 3467-1.......Alex
  6. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Not exactly sure what will happen with the car at this stage. It should arrive next week & a decision will be made after it has been checked over. After having sat still for 24 years it will need a lot of attention. But it is so original and unmolested, that will make life easier. Alex
  7. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Thanks Tony, you are cleverer than I thought....Alex
  8. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Tony, Maybe you could be a star & post them on here if you have the ability.....I clearly don`t.......Alex
  9. Eggenberger Trampio RS500.

    Hi I am new on here. Thought you blokes might be interested to know about another RS500 race car coming to the UK. It is the RS500 Eggenberger built for Trampio in Japan in 1988. It raced in the JTCC in 1988, `89 and `90. It won the Championship in 1988. It has not been used since retiring from racing at the end of 1990, so it is very well preserved and original. I will attempt to post a few pics. Alex