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  1. The restoration of DJR2

    I am very proud to say that i have been asked to take on the task of a full nut and bolt restoration of the long time missing Dick johson number 2 rs500 race car The car The car was delivered to me by its owner of 13 /14 years a few months ago to view and give my opinion on . To say i got excited is a massive understatment , lol , The car looked so unloved yet still in amazing condition . After looking round the car i was shocked to see that the car was still very much as it should be and that the shell other than panel damage and repairs was in fantastic condition A long chat with the cars owner ( and some serious arm twisting by myself ) we agreed a full bare shell rebuild was the way to go The owner was set on racing the car but again after some serious ear bashing from myself we agreed to meet half way and that the car should be rebuilt to a high standard but still MUST be a car that can be used on track The owner is posotive that others can enjoy the car and it can be used for charity rides etc at events and can also be used correctly and in anger if he feels the urge . So, with this in mind the car was stripped to a bare shell and sent away to be dipped and coated to remove years of paint ( and a few tins of filler ) so we can start again . As said above the car is in amazing condition , but we checked the cars chassie on a body jig and other than a small pull to the o/s chassie leg ( and we are only talking a few mill ) she was perfect and ready to go . The car is now ready to start the body rebuild , I have managed to find a Gen ford back panel , 2 gen ford rear quater panels and a gen for bonnet landing panel . Sadly i cant find gen front wings but with a little playing about im sure i can get the none gen wings to fit well . Well here she is , sat ready for the new panels ,Ill keep the updates coming as i go along Thanks for looking Paul Before dipping On the trailer after dipping In the workshop
  2. The restoration of DJR2

  3. The restoration of DJR2

    Rear end built up today
  4. New owner of DJR 1

    Well I am very proud to announce that after pestering Andy Lloyd for 10 years I finally managed to prise it away from him As you can imagine I'm chuffed to bits
  5. New owner of DJR 1

    Sadly i had to sell the GGR car to buy the DJR car
  6. The restoration of DJR2

    Fuel pumps all built up today nice fabricated brackets and frames to replace the old tatty items
  7. GrpA AP front brakes

    the OXO car Ben ?

    love love love a saff in that colour Amazing restoration as usuall
  9. New owner of DJR 1

    I have added my own touches to this icon now fitted the BBS wheels that the car did run in period painted the front splitter red and added the motor craft sticker
  10. New owner of DJR 1

    Thanks for the replies fellas Im very proud to own my 2 rs500s , as most of you will know it was a dream a few years ago to own a genuine rs500 touring car , i honestly never thought i would ever get there , and now to have an eggenberger car and a DJR car is much more than i ever could have wished for Im one very lucky fella for sure
  11. Rs500 shell eBay

    The problem is that this shell was left outside for many many years and recently blasted and primered The other issue is everyone knows the build number , so when you have spent years and thousands building this car everyone knows how it started , so it will always be slagged of by the usuall muppets
  12. The restoration of DJR2

  13. The restoration of DJR2

  14. The restoration of DJR2

  15. The restoration of DJR2

    Well it's been a long time but we are on the case now and want the car finished for early summer
  16. A new car found

    ARE 0589 These pictures turned up on facebook , a few cars dragged out of storage over in singapore . They were spotted at the Port of tauranga It is thought to have been a JTCC car that ran in Trampio colours , but painted into the GGR Mach 5 colours to sit the Petronas Museum.
  17. The idea behind this section

    With the rs500 race cars being somthing of massive interest to me and many others i hope this section can be used to show history and up to date info on all our favourite rs500 race cars My aim it to try and tell the story of all the famous ( and maybee not so famous ) cars 1, When they were built 2, Who built them 3, When and where they raced 4, Race wins / races finished 5, Who drove them 6, where are they now There is a massive amount of knowlage out there and i hope with a forum like this maybee we can get this knowlage in one place where we can build a database for us all to view and enjoy If you have any info on any cars please feel free to tell us so we can build an acurate database Regards Paul p.linfoot601@btinternet.com
  18. Power steering cooler pipes (new)

    Another item I now stock are these power steering cooler pipes these suffer badly from corrosion as there sat on the chassis leg and get sprayed with water These are an exact copy with every kink etc exactly as the original items that are no longer available zink played for extra protection £100 plus delivery
  19. New owner of DJR 1

    Arrr ,, yes mate i did get the email , and i bought the card ,, thank you very much My email is p.linfoot601@btinternet.com ,,
  20. New owner of DJR 1

    It all depends on finances mate ,,
  21. New owner of DJR 1

    Hi Sorry mate , i have no idea what you are talking about Paul
  22. New owner of DJR 1

    Hi Eddie welcome to the forum ,,, The oval stickers are Goodwood stickers , you get these when you are invited to attend events that goodwood host
  23. Brand new Centra lock wheels ( SOLD )

  24. Restoration of Rs500 #406

    well another one in for a restoration My good friend Ash has kindly asked me to restore his rs500 back to a std car again . This moonstone car is a very straight car with all the original panels etc but has suffered as many have from the big BHP changes that we see on so many 500s Well not for much longer If anyone sees any of the uprated parts they fancy everything is for sale so please just ask ( Breather kit / strut brace / hoses / APs etc etc ) stripping started today