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  1. My new rs500 track toy.

    Looks fantastic , great job
  2. Manchester classic car show

    We are pleased to say that rs500 owners have been given a stand again at this years event . Please come and say hello details here http://www.manchesterclassiccarshow.com/
  3. Manchester classic car show

    A great weekend had by all who brought the cars along , and thanks must go to you all Ash / Mark / Andy / Andy and AJ / Darren lets hope we get an invite again next year .
  4. Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

    A great car with some early group A history , altho i do understand the confusion with its Brock connections is not as it would seem , but still a great car to own , if just a little OTT price wise
  5. Low miles / owner rs500 at auction

    Hi Scott It doesnt make sence that the higher miles car sold for more ,, i cant work it out . The moonstone car IMO was priced to low and may have made people wonder why , it was cheap
  6. Low miles / owner rs500 at auction

  7. Latest rs500 restoration

    I'm please to finaly get started on this resto only 25,000 miles from new been in storage for many years having full repaint / under bonnet resto / wheel refurb and uncracked dash fitting
  8. Group A rs500 for sale

  9. Group A rs500 for sale

    Group A rs500 for sale . Chassie number ARE 0185 We are pleased to offer this stunning group A rs500 This was originally a 3 door cosworth built by Andy Rouse as a development car in 1985 The car has a large file of history , inc, receipts , Photos and clippings . Since being purchsed by its current owner this rs500 has been rebuilt from scratch and converted to rs500 spec , inc Harvey Gibbs 500plus bhp engine Getrag 5 speed gearbox 9" ford motorsport rear diff Complete new rear beam , will all new rose joints Brand new front uprights , will new spindles / bearings etc Rebuilt AP period brakes New Air jacks etc etc The car is on the button and race ready , and in the right hands will be a winning car as proven with its previous success that includes 1st place at silverstone classic in 2017 , against no other than Gianfranco Brancatelli in the Bastos rs500 with Ruedi running the car . among other victories , the car also holds the Group A lap record at Knockhill. This car is ready to run in this years season in the HSCC souper tourer series , or the Legends series ( or both ) This well sorted rs500 comes with full HTP papers and stcks of race history . The car is ready to go and can be viewed strictly by appointment only . These cars are now in high demand and being purchased by some big names in the race world and prices are only going to go up . There were not many rs500 touring cars built and they dont come up for sale very oftern , and more so at a price that is less than the build cost of a winning car , with history . A p/x is possible for other race or road cars Please call 07759 729390 for more info or to arrange to view Price = £175,000
  10. Group A rs500 for sale

  11. Group A rs500 for sale

  12. This car is the very car that was used by ford for all the posters of the 500 in Texaco livery The owner Peter who has had the car from new has asked us to do a presentation resto on this car , he wants to carry on driving the car so he doesn't want it back like new , just reliable and rot free
  13. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

  14. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

    We were asked to check the engine over so removed the head , the gasket and head was blocked at one side , no idea how it didn't boil over he bottom end is in great condition for its miles
  15. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

  16. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

  17. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

  18. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

  19. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

  20. Restoration of a special 1 owner rs500

  21. The restoration of DJR2

  22. The restoration of DJR2

    I am very proud to say that i have been asked to take on the task of a full nut and bolt restoration of the long time missing Dick johson number 2 rs500 race car The car The car was delivered to me by its owner of 13 /14 years a few months ago to view and give my opinion on . To say i got excited is a massive understatment , lol , The car looked so unloved yet still in amazing condition . After looking round the car i was shocked to see that the car was still very much as it should be and that the shell other than panel damage and repairs was in fantastic condition A long chat with the cars owner ( and some serious arm twisting by myself ) we agreed a full bare shell rebuild was the way to go The owner was set on racing the car but again after some serious ear bashing from myself we agreed to meet half way and that the car should be rebuilt to a high standard but still MUST be a car that can be used on track The owner is posotive that others can enjoy the car and it can be used for charity rides etc at events and can also be used correctly and in anger if he feels the urge . So, with this in mind the car was stripped to a bare shell and sent away to be dipped and coated to remove years of paint ( and a few tins of filler ) so we can start again . As said above the car is in amazing condition , but we checked the cars chassie on a body jig and other than a small pull to the o/s chassie leg ( and we are only talking a few mill ) she was perfect and ready to go . The car is now ready to start the body rebuild , I have managed to find a Gen ford back panel , 2 gen ford rear quater panels and a gen for bonnet landing panel . Sadly i cant find gen front wings but with a little playing about im sure i can get the none gen wings to fit well . Well here she is , sat ready for the new panels ,Ill keep the updates coming as i go along Thanks for looking Paul Before dipping On the trailer after dipping In the workshop
  23. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Looking fantastic Andy But we need more pics ,,, lol
  24. New owner of DJR 1

    Fantastic Paul ,, thanks for the link
  25. New owner of DJR 1

    Well I am very proud to announce that after pestering Andy Lloyd for 10 years I finally managed to prise it away from him As you can imagine I'm chuffed to bits