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  1. A brand new bumper does not have pre-drilled holes on the back edge .
  2. Great news Martin there is a great line up of rs500s with special drivers this year I will be there and sharing the drive in Lui with Karl Jones
  3. well another one in for a restoration My good friend Ash has kindly asked me to restore his rs500 back to a std car again . This moonstone car is a very straight car with all the original panels etc but has suffered as many have from the big BHP changes that we see on so many 500s Well not for much longer If anyone sees any of the uprated parts they fancy everything is for sale so please just ask ( Breather kit / strut brace / hoses / APs etc etc ) stripping started today
  4. I think zeros look good most of the gen cars ran a zero
  5. Run zero outers mate ,, problem solved
  6. Loads more done
  7. I'm please to finaly get started on this resto only 25,000 miles from new been in storage for many years having full repaint / under bonnet resto / wheel refurb and uncracked dash fitting
  8. All done
  9. simply outstanding Andy You should be very proud of yourself for such a great restoration , with such detail
  10. A nice picture posted on facebook
  11. A busy day today
  12. Little more done
  13. Bumper grille apatires painted
  14. A little more done im pleased with the locks now fitted , you would never know these were de- locked at one point
  15. Looking good Rich looking forward to the pictures with new wheels fitted and stickers on
  16. Well on its way now
  17. Well the rebuild has started
  18. Back safe and sound and ready for the rebuild
  19. Another unfinished project for me to do with a growing business the owner just can't find the time to put his 3 door back together after a bare shell strip and repainted so we have been asked to complete the build
  20. All done