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  1. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    The " extra " chassie rails were a 909 motorsport part that could be bought to retro fit to the sierra chassie , these were not fitted to many as it was said it made the car to stiff
  2. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    ,,SOLD ,,
  3. Search option

    ill get this sorted fellas
  4. Rs500 inspired garage art

    Thats great I have one on the outside of my workshop, and one on the inside Love the lights on yours .
  5. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    After finally being offered a car I have been after for 10 plus years I sadly have to part with my gen GGR ex BTCC listerine Rs 500 . Built by GGR for the 1988 season this great car was a front runner raced by Sean Walker in 1989 who shared a drive with F1 champion Damon hill the car is on the button and ready to go it's in good condition , but is a 30 year old race car , so is no concourse winner Everything works , inc the air jacks The car has never been crashed and is very original other than some of the original GGR tanks ( breather etc ) that have been changed . please call for more details 07759 729390 P.O.A Numbers 5 to 10 pictures are period shots , all others are up to date
  6. Chance of a lifetime

    It was fantastic Paul . to come into the pits for my pit stop and see Rudi there waiting was unreal . The car felt exactly the same as Lui , as it should as there basicly exactly the same , other than the Bastos car did seem a lot quicker out of the corners , A fantastic car to drive and how honoured i was .
  7. Chance of a lifetime

    Well i got the chance of a lifetime a few weeks ago , I was asked if i wanted to race the iconic Bastos , spa 24 hour winning car at oulton park . With rudi eggenberger looking after the car , and Gianfranco Brancatelli giving my driving tips how could i refuse . A massive thanks to the owners Peter and Anne sturgon for trusting me with there special crar It was also fantastic to get a photo with Rudi and steve soper
  8. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    This is me driving this iconic car at oulton park
  9. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    Yes Paul ,, and at oulton park , and i had the fantastic chance to race it on the monday
  10. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    New owner is in the UK
  11. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    The Gravett car has been in the uk for near 2 years now and is being restored . It will be for sale once finished
  12. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    Now back in the uk
  13. New member introduction

    stunning cars ,,
  14. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    Lol, we had a few chatts about them
  15. Restoration of Rs500 #406

    the owner found the battery ,,lol