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  1. New owner of DJR 1

    Arrr ,, yes mate i did get the email , and i bought the card ,, thank you very much My email is p.linfoot601@btinternet.com ,,
  2. New owner of DJR 1

    It all depends on finances mate ,,
  3. New owner of DJR 1

    Hi Sorry mate , i have no idea what you are talking about Paul
  4. New owner of DJR 1

    Hi Eddie welcome to the forum ,,, The oval stickers are Goodwood stickers , you get these when you are invited to attend events that goodwood host
  5. Brand new Centra lock wheels ( SOLD )

  6. Dunlop ,( JTCC ) Andy Rouse Group A rs500

    Just seen this for the first time ,,, quite upsetting to watch ,,,,, RIP
  7. Totaly original rs500 for sale

    Thank you to everyone who contacted me , but the car is now ,, SOLD,,
  8. Totaly original rs500 for sale

    This short video shows how well the engine runs , a well balanced 20p coin on the cam cover IMG_8038.MOV
  9. Totaly original rs500 for sale

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,SOLD,,,,,,,,,,,,, Due for sale very soon is this very original Black rs500 Its been many years since i have seen such a untouched example . Other than a S/Steel exhaust this rs500 is as it left tickford in 1987 , even the painted PDI marks are all still visable on the original rs500 engine , and all suspansion parts , and all the orignal ford jubilee clips can be seen under the bonnet . Having covered just 43,000 miles this timewarp example is a fantastic car for any collector or owner who wishes to use the car for shows events etc The car is undergoing a recommission before the sale due to it being stood for quite a few years , and altho is starts and runs perfect it will be gone through and everything checked , inc full service , with new Timing belt and tensioner / fluids all changed / brakes checked and cleaned The car will also have a full paint detail and interior valet The car also has one of the best interior trims i have also seen in a long time for a car with over 10k miles , the door trims / seats etc are all in superb condition I will also be fitting a brand new standard exhaust system to bring this superb example back to 100% original . For more details please contact me to arange to view ( by appointment only ) 07759 729390 These pictures are before the work has been started just to give an idea of how original this car is
  10. New owner of DJR 1

    Cheers Rich ,, as you can imagine , im soooo happy to own 2 great rs500s
  11. Lui at the NEC classic show

    I was proud to be asked to have Lui on the relaunch stand for Duckhams oil Btcc legend Karl jones was there talking about his days being supported by them back in the day he also talked about us sharing a drive at silverstone in Lui
  12. New owner of DJR 1

    Well I am very proud to announce that after pestering Andy Lloyd for 10 years I finally managed to prise it away from him As you can imagine I'm chuffed to bits
  13. Sad times

    Very sad news A well respected man in the motorsport world , and known well for his rs500 days RIP Terry
  14. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    The " extra " chassie rails were a 909 motorsport part that could be bought to retro fit to the sierra chassie , these were not fitted to many as it was said it made the car to stiff