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  1. Fantastic pictures

    Great find Paul, I suspect we will see your car returning to the texaco colours one day
  2. Happy Christmas

    Happy xmas, been a busy day in my house
  3. My new winter toy

    You will be hoping it snows! Great toy
  4. Caltex going to auction

    That will make you feel better about the sale, now what is going to replace it??
  5. Build 468

    Very nice car this, must be 1 of the best examples left. Look forward to seeing in in concours nxt year
  6. Latest rs500 restoration

    It looks very rough for miles, has it been left outside?? Very original and standard looking.
  7. Caltex build pictures

    Absolutely stunning built, must be hard to let it go
  8. Moonstone blue RS500 for sale ( SOLD )

    looks nice, what is the mileage on it Paul?
  9. Superb moonstone rs500 for sale

    I seen this car last week and it is stunning, engine bay detail was amazing and paint very nice. the car to have if you want a no hassle 500 to clean and drive
  10. 120k sandard 500

    Rybrook car sales have a white standard car for £119.995 Can this car sell for anywhere near ths price??
  11. dunlop d40s

    looking for a nice set of d40s 205/50/15 scott 07917797979
  12. Valuations??

    I agree that all colours look good but black is the best! only saying that as ive just bought a black one. Can paul value a car with out seeing it if he knows the car well??
  13. Original 500

    Search over finally got one and very happy with it
  14. My new toy.

    Very nice, keep the livery looks best like that
  15. Original 500

    Ok thank mark