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  1. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Hi Guys It's been a while since I posted on here but I do keep an eye on the site and am pleased that i's still going strong and a tribute to Paul to keep it going, I know all you guys are really passionate about your cars. I thought you might be interested in the picture I have attached. This was Robb (Gravett) and I with wives on holiday a couple of months ago. The point being that we are still great friends after all these years and it was Cosworth's that brought us together in 1987. Robb is in better nick than me and clearly the years have been kinder to him. Just a bit of trivia for you.
  2. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Yes sorry, can't be very helpful with this one. I was trying to identify the circuit by the surface but no go, what I can say is that it is definitely 1988 and after round 3 as my new open face helmet is on the roof. There is someone standing at the back of the car but I can't see who that is either. Note aluminium strut brace and roll cage, the shell was twisting towards the end of the season, cracking 3 windscreens, even though it was seam welded. Not sure those extra vents where the side lights should have been were legal either !!!!
  3. Motorsport Magazine

    You got it, Robb won Brands with Smithy. Pete Halls 87 car was converted to RS500 spec over the winter of 87/88. I nearly bought it off him to do the last round of 87 and it was Pete Hall who talked me into doing Group A for 88. I had already had a run in a Holden Commodore in the 87 TT at Silverstone, with two grumpy Belgians, remember it was a round of the WTCC then. Robb went on to drive Pete Halls car in a few rounds of the 88 championship after Pete had frightened himself at the wet Oulton race in 88! I'm not kidding, he gave up after that. Jerry
  4. Motorsport Magazine

    Well done Andy you got 10 but there are 11, not quite full points, but I am deducting a point for putting an 'e' in my name ! Pete Hall won a race in 87 in a Cosworth not RS 500. Who can come up with the last name? I originally got 10, I forgot about Tiff Needell. Ford credits me with the first win in an RS500 in the BTCC, but Grahame Goode claims the first win in an RS500 from the season before at Donington, he did win but it was a Cosworth. Jerry
  5. Motorsport Magazine

    Sorry it's a 15 page article not 4 page. Senior moment! Jerry
  6. Motorsport Magazine

    Hi Guys Just thought I would let you know that the May edition of Motorsport has an interview with Steve Soper and Andy Rouse, 4 page spread celebrating 30 years of RS500. They also have Texaco cars on the front cover. Rightly they have decided that the RS500 is the best racing car ever (I've been saying that for 30 years)! Get yourself down to the newsagent and get a copy, its a keeper. Here's a bit of a teaser for you that cropped up recently, how many drivers won a BTCC race in an RS500, I got it wrong, and lost money on the wager! See how many of you get it right, oh and I want names please. Answers on a post.................please! Jerry
  7. Jerry Mahony Arquati Photograph

    Ok So let's see who is who in this photo definitely an 89 picture. Looks like I am standing behind Roger, next to another mechanic who looks like he is having trouble keeping awake (must be my driving !). The guy standing on the drivers side dressed in the blue jumper and jeans is Vic, Andy Rouses engine man, he built all the Rouse team car engines and also mine, clever guy, not sure of his surname. The guy just in front of Vic is Dougie Dowson, Roger's brother and the guy in the glasses is Alan, he was number 1 on my car, a very quiet guy, but a great mechanic and fabricator. The one with his back to us is Phil Overall, he worked for TWR as well and was part-time for us. I have no idea who the guy is in the red and blue at the back of the car, could have just been a spectator who came in and his friend maybe took the picture.
  8. A little bit of history found

    Hi Paul It goes without saying that I was more than a little surprised when I got your text yesterday morning with the enclosed photos. It is great that you have managed to find and buy the old girl and I know that she will be restored to a very high standard over the next year or two, I can’t wait to see the finished result. I have enclosed a couple of pictures from back in the day which may be on the website anyway, the first picture shows the car part built and the second the finished product. The car was primarily used for display at any of Evans Halshaws 9 RS dealerships, part of my contract with them was that I would do a Q & A session at each dealership through the season and the car was normally put on display in their showroom a week prior to these evenings, these were usually well attended and always over-ran their time slot. It was not possible to take the race car to the dealerships due to the frequency of the races, testing etc. The car originally was a 2 year old 1600GL 3 door Sierra that was stripped and converted by Roger and the guys at the workshop, they did the whole job in 3 weeks!! There were many wind-ups with this car as well when we first had it and took it to the races. We particularly wound up Smithy with it as I had told him it was a qualifying car with a special bored out 2.5 litre engine!! Robb of course knew I was on a wind up, but Mike was on full cry for a couple of days. It still had the original 1600 Pinto engine so would not have pulled the skin off a rice pudding. Jerry
  9. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    By the way it happened in 1989, I didn't say that above! Just in case you think I still wear night shirts!
  10. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Hi Andy I actually caught two guys trying to take my RS500 in the middle of the night. I was staying in the Travelodge in the Service Area on the M5 near Birmingham, can't remember the name. I very nearly didn't stay there because I was worried about the car being nicked but I managed to park it close(ish) to my bedroom window. Sure enough come 2-30 am I heard the alarm going off and jumped out of bed, I looked out of the window and saw the drivers door was open and the bonnet was up. I ran out of the room in my nightshirt.....yes nightshirt!!! and ran down the corridor to the front door, which you normally pushed to open, but un-be known to me they locked it at midnight, so instead of the door opening I bounced of it and landed in a heap, I jumped up twisted the lock and let myself outside, I ran out into the car park and over towards the car, I could hear the engine cranking over. One of the idiots looked up and heard me shouting and running towards them, he was on his toes but the second guy continued to crank the engine which would not fire, for reasons I will go into in a moment. Anyway I got to the car and got hold of this 'Asian' gentleman who seemed to be more frightened than me ! As I grabbed hold of him I glanced in the car and could not believe the state of it, all the plastic steering column cover was broken as was the steering lock, I froze in horror and the P.ki managed to wriggle out of my grip and escaped. I could not believe the damage these two idiots had done to my car, all the wiring was ripped out from the alarm under the bonnet which they had managed to disable,but they could not get the car going as whenever I left that car anywhere I would always open the tailgate, unscrew the thumb screw that secures the trim panel on the inside of the rear panel and behind there is a snap connector,if you undo the snap connector it stops the power to the fuel pump and that was the easiest way to stop your car from being nicked. Someone called the Police and they arrived within 15 minutes (it was faster then) they seemed amused that I was standing in the car park in a nightshirt and bare feet, I could not get back in the Travelodge because the door had swung shut and locked itself. Anyway once I had got back in the Travelodge I called Brooklyn Ford they had an all night recovery service who came and took the car away on a transporter an hour later. Brooklyn Ford ran Chris Hodgetts RS500 in the BTCC, they dropped me up a loan car off in the morning and did a fantastic job repairing my car and delivered it back to Silverstone 4 days later as good as new. That is the one and only time I had the RS 500 (nearly) nicked and I was amazed just how much damage they had done to the car in just 2 or 3 minutes, I was one of the lucky ones. Jerry
  11. Antiques roadtrip BBC2

    Hi Andy Yes, guilty as charged guv'nor. It was an old episode from a couple of years ago, I sold that business at the end of 2015. Well spotted!!! Jerry
  12. A new car found

    Ah well, memory's not what it was you know !
  13. A new car found

    I am pretty sure that the car Andy did the French series with Ferte in was a LHD car that he built ???? Unless anyone knows better.
  14. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Hi Paul Yes, this is a picture taken at the 88 TT hence the number. I have written about this race on the site somewhere before so don't want to repeat myself. It was a great race won by AR but only after DJR broke down having blown everyone else into the weeds! Incidentally I was sitting at home last weekend watching the TV when my mobile rang, it was an old friend of mine (Dave Coyne) who was driving Andy’s Cam Shipping RS500 at the Silverstone Classic. Dave usually drove single seaters back in the day rather than saloons and was mighty quick, he still is by all accounts! Dave races historic’s now with a lot of success and wanted to ask me some questions about how the RS500 should handle and feel. I think they had a misfire during qualifying and as I did not hear anymore, assumed that he did not finish the race. It also gave me a chance to have a chat to Andy whom I have talked to on this site. Dave was actually in the 1987 or 88 TT driving an M3, I’m not sure if he finished or not, my memory of him during qualifying in the wet (87???) is coming round Copse and seeing him firmly imbedded in the gravel! He was blindingly fast then but crazy. I still won’t get in a road car with him!!! He frightens the life out of me. I remember he was racing me home very late one night from The Pantiles ( a club in Bagshot) he was in a Saab Turbo and I was in my RS500, he overtook me going into the Jolly Farmer roundabout on the way to Camberley, I recall thinking at the time how impressed I was that he could carry so much speed into the roundabout, he did get round but was on his roof when he came out the other side! He wasn’t hurt but the car was totalled. Another time we were testing at Silverstone on a really cold day in February, I was in the RS500 and Dave was testing a Formula 3000 car (F2). At the end of the day I jumped into the Jet Ranger to fly home, as I was approaching the Chilterns over Long Crendon I ran into a snow blizzard, a big no, no in a helicopter. I did an emergency landing in a field that was full of sheep, the farmer was not impressed! I called Dave who was driving back and he came and collected me in a Merc 2.3 16valve, he terrified me all the way back home, I was definitely 10 years older when he dropped me off. I picked the Jet Ranger up 4 days later after the snow had cleared, the sheep seemed none the worse for the experience, unlike me after my ride with Coyne!
  15. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Hi Andy The first shot is Oulton Park, I guess round 2 in 88, probably the first lap or two, as I got past Laurance on lap 2 or 3 at Lodge, you can see from this picture that his car is under-steering wide, he had a problem getting heat into his tyres on the warm-up lap, if you remember he spun off at Silverstone round 1. You really had to work the Pirelli's on the warm up lap to get heat into them, he got on top of this after this race. It was also damp that day and then subsequently rained and we were all on slicks (nightmare). Peter Hall frightened himself so much in that race that he gave up racing his RS500 after that and Robb took it over for a few races ( a deal brokered by me). Pete Hall was 50 then and quite a good friend of mine ( it was Pete who talked me into entering the BTCC at the end of 1987). Ironically Tim Harvey, who raced a Rover in the BTCC in 1987, tried to talk me out of entering the BTCC saying I wasn't experienced enough to handle setting up a BTCC car with all the variables. He was right to a certain extent, but I learnt quickly! The second picture is taken at Thruxton again I think early 88, I'm not sure what happened to Laurance in that race but I know I finished 3rd. Thruxton was another 'big balls' circuit in an RS500, they were just so fast round the back of the circuit and if you were 'on it' they moved around a lot. Thruxton was my favourite circuit and I had set a new lap record there in my Firestone car a couple of weeks before the BTCC race. But the Firestone car at Thruxton in no way prepared me for the out and out speed of the RS500 round there, particularly the bucking bronco ride that the Dunlop cross ply tyres that I was running then, gave you. I remember after the first 3 laps I did in the RS500 I came in to the pits and said to Dowson F.....g H..l that's madness! Of course I did get over my initial shock at the high speeds and every race became a tyre preservation exercise, go to hard at the start and your front left tyre would overheat and blow, caused by the excessive under-steer all the cars had round the back of the circuit. I think the radials (Pirelli's) gave a better ride but had the same overheating problems. The Rouse 'kit cars' particularly had this problem because of their skate board like suspension. Steve Soper won the race on Pirellis without a tyre change as the Egganberger chassis was easier on its tyres.