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  1. Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

    If we sit tight it might reunite with its original running gear and come back out as the kenwood jigga. Can I Baggs the Simmons.
  2. Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

    Interesting Price this car has reached with plenty of auction time to go. One o f the commodores is over $1.5m 2 x time Bathurst winner The actual history of this car hasn't yet been nailed beyond reasonable doubt I believe. I believe Neville could shed some more light on this cars lineage. One word gents. provenance, provenance, provenance. Sorry thats 3. The long time owner hasn't put a whole heap of energy into provenance as its not why he started his Brock Collection. This doesn't mean the sierra isn't a genuine Group A car Flared guards and Simmons wheels https://www.auctionator.com/LotDetails.aspx?smode=3&lid=1578580 https://www.speedcafe.com/2018/09/21/questions-over-authenticity-of-brock-sierra-up-for-auction/
  3. http://www.v8sleuth.com.au/news/2017/03/02/seton-to-reunite-with-his-pj-sierra
  4. Ringhausen / Eggenberger RS500 for sale

    Great pics Paul of a phenomenal looking car! Its like xmas finding new pics of your car. They can often answer niggling questions, especially the privately taken shots in the pits or grid or in the paddock. Also great to nail down the reason the lance point was moved. Youre in a tough position of deciding whether to Texaco up the car or leave Lui as they are both superb liveries. Don't think anyone actually feels sorry for you though The best way out for you is to find the other Lui car buy it so you can livery one of each. Is the Texaco car in front the trucks the other Lui car? It appears to have dry breaks in quarter panel. What other cars ran in the DTM red Texaco colours? I couldn't agree more about repairing underlying damage as these battle scars are the history of the cars. I think make it mint on the outside and leave whatever else you can live with. I found reasonable inner wing damage on one car that I couldn't pin down then found one small shot of the car after hitting the fence at Bathurst and made perfect sense of the hasty TAFE repairs. cheers Ben
  5. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    As you say, not wanting to hijack Jerry's awesome thread and pics but its seems absolutely ridiculous that 500's are excluded form historics over there. Cossys & RS500's are the meaty part of group A! I guarantee the weight of poplarity will mean its only a matter of time before the spectators will demand their inclusion. In the meantime Paul & others keep up the lobbying and pressure as this is how it will happen. There are emore and more cars getting into the hands of guys that want to race them. Also if you organise the appearances and increased presence on track of the cars the punters will be 'oh these are awesome to see,as they are the real cars' etc. The self interested stake holders will have to relent to popularity, but only if you can raise the profile. Even try to organise a 'display/parade' at a big race meeting as it sounds like you are. Maybe a thread for the guys that intend to race and will support the effort? The updated ECU thing was the same here as people were leaving cars in sheds rather than detonating engines with an ECU that has less power than a calculator. My Caltex ran with a 'srewdriver' Motec that has only 5 fuel adjustment settings. More recently over here we have allowed an updated ECU but restricted to only the number of controls the car had oriinlly. ie. fuel, boost, timing, Air/fuel/O2 etc. So you arent allowed to hook up 'bug on the windscreen compensation sensor'. Seems a pretty good balance between reliabiltiy and originality?. One can only imagine what a rs500 would be like if given to a top race team and applied all the modern electronics... I heard wispers of control fuel coming in also that may help kerb the costs as $9 /litre fuel isnt in evreyones budget! Maintain the rage Paul, and please keep the stories flowng Jerry as we are all enjoying them immensly! Ben
  6. Martyns old GGR car for sale

    This car has now 'left the building' I understand its on its way back to th UK. B
  7. TLR3/4

    Hi Ben. Researching these old race cars is fascinating and very rewarding most of the time and in fact can turn up all sorts of great info. All I was suggesting was to not place all your belief in what one owner believed at one time and has probably had no reason to doubt it since. I know Peter genuinely believes his old car to be a Wolf car. This is not to mislead or trick anyone, simply thats what he always understood. I certainly agree wholeheartedly with you about not accepting what some 'intergoogle expert' is trying to have you believe without substantiation. The best thing i think you will find is genuine research, investigating the car, contemporary reporting and also resources such as this and other forums for direction for your research. Take all this information and misinformation and grind it out. An old ten tenths forum established there were definitely 5 B&H cars so therefore they were then traced and then by deduction established which was which etc. etc. I 'believe' from the body of information I have seen that the Peter Hills car is TLR2 and built in '88. However I am always curious to any new info on these cars that turns up. Remember TLR2 is only its forum name as from memory it has a road car chassis number on the floor? The pic i posted at bathurst was, i think, the first time it was presented to the public. I can try and dig up articles of its build but from memory it was built a bit 'under the radar', because Longhurst was running in Freeport livery and only announced the branding change just prior Sandown when they repainted the '88 ATCC car, hence its retained white 'Freeport' interior. Hope all goes well! cheers Ben
  8. Dunlop ,( JTCC ) Andy Rouse Group A rs500

    Rip Jeff Krosnoff. One of the most fearesome crashes ever!
  9. TLR3/4

    With all due respect I think your adding to the confusion by saying its a 'wolf car'. Do you mean wolf built or wolf parts in it? As I suggested earlier it very likely had 'wolf bits in it' as the team had two wolf 'built' cars and spares so almost certainly it had wolf bits in it at some point. All the Aussie cars with DJR diffs weren't DJR cars. I read an auto action write up on the '88 winner and they even sourced bits from wolf for this first car. It was essentially a Rouse kit cobbled together with whatever Mezera could quietly procure out of Europe. Ford didn't like Frank Gardner for what they saw as costing the works team the '87 Bathurst win. His protest was the only one not dropped and saw them lose the victory. If you are suggesting it was built by wolf then it wasn't. TLR2 was built by B&H during the '88 season for the enduros. Bryans car looks great with the decals back on it! Bryan also told me when he first restored the car that the reason he painted inside yellow was to show its B&H heritage. Interestingly Carey recently bought Bowdens , TLR5car and ran it on the weekend with some success. If anyone has some pics of the meeting would be great to post. cheers Ben
  10. TLR3/4

    Also Read the Ten Tenths stuff in its entirety as more info gets teased out things become clearer with still some errors left. Don't get caught reading one line or post in anything and believe it to be true if facts or pics are available to bring it in to doubt. As you say it cant be both the '88 sister car and a Wolf car. cheers Ben
  11. TLR3/4

    Be careful with expecting chassis numbers to be as they are described in ten tenths. The abreviations were for clarity when we were hashing out the histories. for example the DJR cars I believe had 'DJR#' etc stamped into them, but I can tell you, the OXO/Miedecke cars didn't as they started life as Don Smiths 'OXO Supercube' team cars before Miedecke was even in the team. We used 'MM1', 'MM2' etc for clarity in ten tenths. 'CXT' the same I wouldn't expect the Longhurst cars to all have TLR etc stamped into them. I would suggest Peters recollection of his car being the '88 sister car are correct as the '88 Bathurst book has a great pic of the left hooker car sitting in the garage next to the 'winner'. It has the centre air jack location. The car was Longhurst built to trial LHD at Bathurst, which in theory should work but they opted instead to use the ATCC Freeport car still with the white interior as can be seen also. It is possible the car had some Wolf bits in it as they had 2 Wolf cars to run at the same time so some cross pollination could have happened. For example Ken Matthews ran Ronals at one time on the '88 Bathurst winner in Caltex livery. He remembers them coming with the car so likely unused Wolf Bits from TLR, as they always used white, black and lastly yellow Simmons wheels.
  12. TLR3/4

    Bryan Sala Phillip Island 2014 and Alan Drinkrow car at Pine Harbour Museum. Both long term owners and still Wolf. Interestingly Alan has also recently finished an awesome resto on the 1969 BTCC winning 8 port Equipe Arden Cooper S. I hope Bryan puts the Tyrepower livery back on. cheers
  13. TLR3/4

    The 2 TLR wolf cars are with Byan Sala and Alan Drinkrow. Both have been owned since back in the day with Wolf style air jack . TLR5 is yellow inside and with Bowdens, TLR1 is completely unique and has been in Bathurst Museum since Ken Mathews sold it to Phillip Morris pty ltd (B&H) who refurbed it back to B&H (from Caltex) livery and donated it to the Museum. The car your talking about can only be TLR 2 regardless of what people believe. cheers.
  14. A couple of years ago the car was with the owner of Velo Race Seats in Adelaide. Never got down to have a look at it but he said it was all still very original. It had 2 consecutive engine bay fires. Murray was an interesting racer. He was first to supply remote data logging in the Skyline in '87 I think. Very hitech back then as it was also telecast live (albeit with the huge delay). cheers Ben
  15. Thought it might be good to share some funny special moments in motorsport others might not know about or have seen. Would be good if the Poms could put up some good moments from Europe or when their own car is featured etc? One of my all time favourite comments when Mike Raymond asks Dick what he thinks about Winton. Remember Dick is working his ass off around a tight little circuit and comes up with this little nugget off the cuff! about 5mins 30sec. Also amusing is when Mike and (sounds like) Brad Jones are discussing whether Murray Carters Sierra is "burning harder" or not than it was at the previous round.