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  1. 3Dr Cosworth

    YBF GGR701 rebuild and ready for action
  2. 3Dr Cosworth

    Hi I am coming from Norway and I'm new to this forum. So you must excuse my Google Translate English I have seen on various projects here and the cars that are here are really nice. I really like the BTCC cars I bought my first 3dr Cosworth 1 year ago and started with a small restorations of the engine room. I've had old Mustang hobby cars before so this is a little change to get a Sierra Cosworth as a hobby car. I still got one of the Mustang.

    Hi This car is just Perfect. What type of 3M double-sided acrylic foam tape are you juse on the body kit?
  4. RS500 crossover pipe to DV

    Hi I'am looking for a RS500 crossover pipe to the DV to my project car. Any got one for sale. Please contact me on PM. Regards Hallgeir
  5. RS500 crossover pipe to DV

    Got one from mr RS200 in Norway. Thanks.
  6. RS500 crossover pipe to DV

    PM sendt Paul.
  7. 3Dr Cosworth

    Some pictures from the summer. And my YBF block is of to be rebuild. So next summer the YBF GGR701 is back in business.
  8. Rear ABS Sensor clips

    The clips at the bottom is for the Sapphire Cosworth.
  9. Restoration of Moonstone #466

    Looking good Nice car.

    Sorry for off topic ak. Yes bendy this clips is for ABS sensor to, but in combo with the grey clips. Start with one grey, one black and a one grey again. The black one is in the senter of the two grey clips. Sorry for my bad english...

    This clips is for fuel and breakline. The grey clips is the correct clips to the rear beam.

    Nice work one the rear beam. The grey clips to the ABS sensor do you know the finis code? I need to get 2 new clips to my ABS sensor.
  13. 3Dr Cosworth

    Thanks. Image Billet 85 http://www.imagewheels.co.uk/billet-85-alloy-wheel/ I bought these as second-hand. So do not know the pric on new ones.
  14. 3Dr Cosworth

    New wheels

    Love this project. You do a wonderful job on it. Will be a very nice RS500 when you are finished with the project. Question: What color code is that the blue color that you use on the screws? Regards HB
  16. 3Dr Cosworth

  17. Genuine RS500 intercooler

    Hi Someone got a genuine RS500 intercooler for sale. Thanks for looking Hallgeir
  18. 3Dr Cosworth

    Finish with my goal so far. Next project is gearbox and diff. Perhaps a 9 "diff [img width=800 height=600]http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/15/242ac3c595288092f1af8b868d2b5c4f.jpg [img width=450 height=600]http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/15/daf06d58c109d99b284b1f1a34b03cbb.jpg [img width=450 height=600]http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/15/949c15cae16094f2edfc1b390c9ac4d1.jpg [img width=450 height=600]http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/15/fb55c788e2156788eee3d62b7381a25e.jpg
  19. RS500 Air Box Lid

    RS500 air box lid for sale on Ebay http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/271923588865?nav=SEARCH
  20. 3Dr Cosworth

    Finish with the enginroom. Only need to got the engine MAP and then it is ready to go Some photos of the engineroom [img width=450 height=600]http://i.imgur.com/mbC2acn.jpg [img width=450 height=600]http://i.imgur.com/oI3u6Ct.jpg
  21. RS500 thermostat housing

    Hi I'm looking for a RS 500 thermostat housing to my RS500 project engine. So if there is anyone who can help me with this I shall be very grateful. Thanks Hallgeir
  22. RS500 thermostat housing

  23. Hi I was lucky I came across this engine block. Is there anyone here on this forum that has any info about this block? Got very good info from GGR about it but like to get more info so if any one got some more storys I'd like to hear about it. This winter I will start to rebuild the engine so there is someone who has a old school RS500 setup I'm open for tips I'am missing some parts so I need some help a long the way. But I got a RS500 turbo on the way Thanks Hallgeir
  24. YBF GGR 701 engine block

    Thanks Mark and Paul S I look forward to starting with this engine project. Yes it was for sale Mark