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  1. The 2015 season

    me and martin will be doing some rounds and the classic in the wolf 001 car and some thing else thats german !

    FLAMES i like it like that ...he he.
  3. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    hwrt 005 is comming on great, motor and box is in and running just got to fit the prop and some odds and sods and its track test time. this one is going to fly with its brand new engine. it will be interesting to see how the two cars go as ive just rebuilt the 001 engine so bring on the POWERRRR !
  4. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    down pipe and center section done and the side exit fish tail fabbed up just gotta full weld and polish it and then some piccys to follow.
  5. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    i'm sure mr turner knows his onions but he was uk based was he not . the germans as allway did there own thing and spent loads of dosh doing it . here is an extract from wolf that i google translated coz i dont speak the lingo. 1984 - 1989 To the DTM German Touring Car Championship DTM In the years 1984 - 1985 go to the Ford Motorsport department in Cologne rarely the lights. High pressure will build on the vehicle and developed with the Ford wants to enter the German Touring Car Championship. In 1985, it's time. Before running on the Berlin Avus DTM Ford announces the entry into the DTM, and HWRT tuning gets the work order to perform the operation for the remaining races for Ford. And what everyone has hoped, but no one thought possible, Klaus Niedzwiedz succeed the first victory in the DTM at the HWRT Ford Mercury XR4 TI on the Avus circuit in Berlin. Wolf Racing has successfully operated in the 70s, 80s and 90s racing, Ford built many factory teams and achieved many successes. The WOLF built, known racing cars based Sierra Cosworth Escort RS and Focus RS were milestones - and extremely popular with motorsport fans. More than 30 victories and 100 podium finishes to prove their impressive performance. And the WOLF racing spirit lives today in the finished vehicles.
  6. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    The only ever " WORKS "cars were Eggmo Texaco cars mate , just because a car has eggmo parts doesnt make it a " works " car er paul the above is not quite correct and i would assume that you of all people would know this !
  7. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    the marlboro car is almost identicle to the 001 car ! the 005 car has a completely different floor pan but we know that it was a murcur from 1985-86 (no:12 billen blue white car) and was converted to rs500 spec in late 87. how it has the same no is a mystery and only uve wolf knows how or why ! what is known is that they are not the same car and have never shared any parts ! strange .....

    after a bit of messing about getting the beast to spark , the 001 car is alive and running. its getting real close now only a few bits and bobs and off to the rolling road for setting up . she sounds like a real racy motor ,it will be interesting to see what it goes like .
  9. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    lol , i guess you're trying to get me to take the hook !! he he . i have traveled 1500 miles to see the bloke whole built the cars and if ford germany gave them the parts to build the cars with the ford name on them then i recon that is a works car don't you. the other car is a propper car ( as in all the right bits) just not one that wolf took to a meeting and entered. over to you my man ..
  10. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    Martin's car the marlbo car was not a works race car but wolf had worked on it as a customer car and fitted parts at their work shop in Germany.
  11. Spotted build no 124

    i know of another in germany...... sat in a massive bunker . it's very shiney in black with little tickford stickers on the door panels and by the gear stick ! i sat in the thing but cant remember the build no ...doh .
  12. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    fair play mr kirley she looks the mutts .
  13. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    a little update on the 99275 hwrt 1987 005 wolf racing sierra , it is definitely the genuine wolf/ ford germany race car as confirmed by uwe wolf and his father who built it. it started off as thought as a mercur xr4ti and campained in germany with some success and was converted to full RS500 spec in late 1987 into 1988. it was at this time it had the above numbers designated as they had built 4 more RS500's and then set about converting the wider track xr4ti.