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  1. Cenre lock torque settings

    Yes mate I have a set of the touring car style locking clips bought from a member on here. Do you have a picture of your car with the centre locks on? Cheers Jonno
  2. Cenre lock torque settings

    They are MK hub adaptors Rich not genuine mate. I would think BBS themselves would still be able to supply bolts and gaskets still but not sure on that one. Might be worth contacting them to see. Cheers Jonno
  3. Hi all, does anybody know the recommended torque setting for the BBS centre lock nuts? Thanks Jonno
  4. Not a 500 but...

    Cheers Paul, the llockers are a pain in the arse though lol!
  5. Not a 500 but...

    Thanks Paul appreciate it mate
  6. Not a 500 but...

    Thanks Roy
  7. Not a 500 but...

    Hi guys been ages since I last posted on here but the 3dr is back on the road now. here are a couple of pics
  8. Centre lock pins needed.

    Hi has anyone got a set of safety clips for centre lock hubs? Mine are Mk hubs not group A. Thanks Jonno.
  9. Sunroof!

    Hi guys im in need of a 3dr sunroof and trim seal as mine has rotted through! :'( Anybody know of one for sale? Cheers Jonno.
  10. oil breather set up!?

    ive got what ive been told a Collins performance tank Bought as a kit off the bay but no instructions on fitment! Its a mish match of parts I think! Im running around the 450hp mark mate.
  11. Performance Ford & Retro Ford Tack Day.

    I would love to be there. I f my car was done!
  12. oil breather set up!?

    Can I see some pics of your breather system set ups please guys? Im stuck understanding mine at the moment! Its the last thing I have to do on my engine.
  13. Touring car oil breather?

    Any pics would be really helpful please guys. im really stuck understanding this breather system.
  14. Touring car oil breather?

    Hi Lee would it be possible to post a picture of your mates engine with this breather fitted as ive got a box of bits and a pc would be excellent to follow? Thanks Jonno.
  15. Overfueling!?

    Thanks for all the info guys, it was the map sensor. Ticking over lovely now.