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    Great to see all the cars at Silverstone. Not so great was the massive queue up the A43 to try and get in, which made my old girl overheat on the slip-road. Luckily, plenty of offers of bottles of water and letting it cool sorted that and it was only a minor issue with the fans.
  2. Restoration of Rs500 #406

    Amazing work as always!
  3. Number 001 ?

  4. Caltex build pictures

    Amazing pics!
  5. Ford parts books

    £5.00 for postage Derek ?
  6. Ford parts books

    I will ask down my local dealer if they have any more. Where we are is a bit, well, backwards....so there is a good chance. I need to go in anyway to see if they have any parts hanging around. The chap on the desk told me he had sold a 3DR front bumper just last week, slight damage.......60quid
  7. Ford parts books

    Cant photocopy them i am afraid Paul, there are hundreds of little pictures. I did wonder if you had any actually when i posted them up.
  8. Ford parts books

    No problem. Should only be a few quid. Send me your full address and i will find out tomorrow
  9. Ford parts books

    These books are not strictly Cosworth or RS500, but they do show a lot of the small assemblies in all models of Sierra from the era. Might be handy for finding those tricky little fixings etc? Any use to anyone ? Only want the 20 quid I paid for them plus some postage..... Let me know Howard
  10. Number 466

    Love a moonstone 500!
  11. Number 220

    no problem at all. If they need it tweaked at all i can do that. This was only written quickly while 'busy' at work
  12. Number 220

    Thanks for all the kind comments. Wheels will definitely get done if i keep it, not this side of the winter though as it will still get used weekly. However new baby and other things might mean it has to go (sad face)
  13. Number 220

  14. Number 220

    So, buying the RS500 and getting it back to my storage place, I had to decide how to proceed…….full strip and rebuild, or sympathetic recommission. As much as I admire the spotless cars, I wanted to actually be able to use it, and not be too scared about where I leave it. So it was a sympathetic effort. It needed quite a few bits doing to get it both roadworthy and reliable, consisting of: Cambelt, Clutch, Fuel tank and filter, Brake seal service and new fluid etc, Oil/filter of course, Air filter, Plugs, Leads, Dizzy Cap/rotor arm, 4 x toyo proxes, various hoses, complete exhaust (it came with a brand new downpipe and I sourced a replacement system from Germany). I managed to get it running well enough for it to pass the MOT no problem, but it was never quite right. So, I took it to Rich at Tremona in Southampton, where he worked his magic and found a few perished vacuum hoses and fuel diaphragms, etc. I was considering getting the wheels stripped and refinished, but, I thought then I would have spangly new wheels and the bodywork is still original. Plus, I kinda like the patina they bring, it shows the car has been used. So that’s it, pretty much. Here are some more (bad) pics taken yesterday. Yes, I had it out in the rain!!
  15. Number 220

    More pics and story to follow once I have it out to take some...