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  1. We brought the car in the Brock livery and prefer it to the Kaliber livery so decided to leave it in those colours. Steve
  2. Thanks Paul been speaking to Andy Lloyd about coming to the national day with the car, really looking forward to it and hoping to blow the cob webs off it. Thanks Steve
  3. Thanks, will try to get some pics up in the kaliber colours. Thanks Steve
  4. Ok thanks everyone, will give it a try. steve
  5. hi Andy, cant seem to find it on the database about your car?? any suggestions?? thanks steve
  6. would anyone be able to help me figure out how to upload pictures on here? thanks Steve
  7. is that the ARE 0288 boys just joined ?

    Good, yes i did here the nightmare you had! bloody weather! we were hoping do a few rounds this year but decided race the escorts and just keep cleaning the rs500!! Ok Andy speak soon Steve
  8. Hi Andy, we have been meaning to for sometime, just never got round to it. Hi Paul B, thanks, we were hoping to do Silverstone Classic and Oulton park, but other racing commitments have come up which means we are unable to this year. pictures will be up very soon, just need to upload some on to the lap top. Steve
  9. First off all just want to say hello to everyone Here we have the Andy Rouse Kaliber car that he raced in 1988. He won 9 out off the 13 rounds that year going on to win the class A championship. The car then went over to Australia and was bought buy the very famous Peter Brock in January 1989. In 1989 the car was used in every touring car and endurance event in Australia and New Zealand at the Nissan Mobil series. Andy Rouse partnered Peter Brock in 1989 for the Tooheys 1000 at Bathurst. In 1990 the car was driven by Peter in the Australian touring car Championship prior to them building a new car for the endurance events. The last two races the car competed in were in the Nissan Mobil Series in New Zealand in 1990 driven by Kevin Waldock. The car was then raced in Classic Touring car racing, untill it came back to England in 1996, it was mainly stored and occasionally used on track days. we bought the car in 2005 and have done very little with it since, but polish it and occasionally take it out for such events as Silverstone Classic or the Rs National day. We took it to Donington Park in 2005 where we very lucky that Andy Rouse was able to be reunited with the car and drove it round the track. hope this makes for interesting reading pictures to follow. Steve Matthias
  10. is that the ARE 0288 boys just joined ?

    Hi Andy, hows it everything going? yeah it is we will soon be adding some photos and info on the ARE KAL 0288