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  1. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Thanks Mark, they look awesome! I was aware of the Escos style gp A and WRC stuff, just wasn't sure if earlier Sierra stuff was shared more in common with those, or the touring car style. I see you do the TCA's etc, any plans for the rally oriented hubs? Cheers Iain
  2. Rebuild Of My Graham Goode Racing 3DR

    Mark those uprights look amazing! Did you have a batch cast and machined up or something? Naive Q now - how different are those to the Sierra gp A rally part? (Obviously bar the centre lock hub) Keep promising myself a new hub/tca/comp strut combo. Seeing these isn't helping! Cheers Iain
  3. And Away We Go :)

    Love this one Mark http://i981.photobucket.com/albums/ae297/Thomps80/Thomps80140/Cam%20Covers%20008_zps7e9vo6bu.jpg Are you looking to do something more BDT inspired? (I can see the similarities with this one) Cheers Iain
  4. claus loudvih rs500 grab for sale

    Just re-advertised again this week at 200k GBP http://www.motorsportauctions.com/category/358/Historic-Touring-Cars/listings/34468/Ford-Sierra-RS500-Cosworth-ex-Klaus-Ludwig-DTM.html Regards Iain
  5. NEC 2015

    Didn't make it to the show due to work, but seeing you parked next to Brian's car makes me think that's my world there in one shot! Hope you had a good time Iain
  6. Merry Christmas

    Same to you Paul and happy Christmas to everyone else on here too! I'm not a regular contributor but pop in from time to time to stay up to date with the racing cars (and their tales), so I appreciate the current owners posting their restorations or racing stories and histories. There's loads of potential with the site I'm sure so please keep up the hard work! Cheers Iain
  7. My new toy

    Well done Paul, v pleased to hear you finally landed one! And a good one too. Your persistence paid off, and I'm sure you won't regret passing on a few of your rd cars to get this. All the best with it, and don't wrap it up, cars like this need to be used! Cheers Iain
  8. A new build is possable

    What a great, rust free start to a build. Nice find! Even nicer when they find you Are you going all out period racing spec then, or a modern take? Cheers Iain
  9. AP Racing rear brake setup

    I sold some brakes like this a little while back. I think they went to a guy putting them on the rear of an RS200. Didn't get much for them though; less than £400 if i recall correctly. Bit of a limited market out there! Cheers Iain
  10. Mint Caged and seam welded 3dr shell (SOLD)

    That looks a great deal - especially fully painted! What a shame you have to sell - looks like all the hard work has been done. What are you waiting for Paul... If anyone's got all the bits it will be you Then again - you've got the Caltex car so how many do you need heh heh! Cheers Iain
  11. How did everyone get off at thruxton?

    little bit more here, incl pics. Paul, I hope you don't mind the link - but as you've contributed I guess not http://passionford.com/forum/general-car-related-discussion/459201-oulton-park-rs500-crash.html
  12. How did everyone get off at thruxton?

    Indeed. Cleland's comments after the race on Sunday were quite revealing. He said that all the drivers had a meeting and agreed to drive within limits but that "some must have had their hearing aids turned off" and added "we'll have to have the meeting again!" No-one wants to see cars like this coming to grief, and once again PW seemed to be at the heart of an incident. I don't know how it went today - anyone go? Nice to catch up with Paul L, Simon G, Paul S and Andy K yesterday - cheers guys! Cheers Iain
  13. How did everyone get off at thruxton?

    This sounds suspiciously like the Gold Cup meeting which was at Oulton Park over Sun/Mon - where Paul Smith in his Labbats car was bumped by Patrick Watts in his 406.. Would be an amazing co-incidence if something similar in Thruxton! I've got some pics on my camera - rear OS 1/4 panel damage mostly. Cheers Iain
  14. DJR2

    And also as a side note, we also know from Andy that DJR1 wasn't reshelled, but repaired.
  15. DJR2

    Just re-reading 10/10ths again. Mike Smith definitely relates the 91 car as a restricted turbo.. RG had DJR1 - but this had to be reshelled after the Dowsett Corolla incident at Thruxton. I drove DJR2. However, this turned out to have some dodgy suspension components, which chose lovely moments to let go. A rear arm split in 2 at Brands Hatch - just going through Hawthorns at about 150mph. And a front hub carrier let go at exactly the same place later. Both components appeared to aged and "repaired" by DJR. I remember all the ridiculous fuss about the Yokos. It reached a peak when our TM Malcolm Swetnam (now with Raikonen Robertson Racing) decided to put just 4 tyres on the grid at Snetterton. "if they're so good, they can win the race on their own." Very funny. Bear in mind that all Touring Cars were badly affected by the FIA decision to ban 10" wide tyres in 87. So tyre development for 88 onwards became pricey. Putting 500bhp+ through a 9" tyre would always be a challenge for the RS500. Yoko did a great job and produced tyres on demand for us as the seasons developed. Our speed was down to a good basic build, excellent engine work from Mountune and very good set-up driving by RG. The shells were as rigid as could be and most components were Ford Grp A off-the-shelf. We definitely had a traction advantage in the simplest way - welded diffs. Where we simply couldn't live with Andy R was on the power circuits like Silverstone - he was running way more power than us or any of his customers. In July 89 we found out why, when a crate of Garrett turbos destined for AR were delivered by mistake to us. We saw that they all had identical welded-up slots in the worm. They had been cut into, scooped out and then welded-up. We sent them back - but informed the scrutineers. Sure enough, Andy's car got sealed at Silverstone GP and by Brands Hatch 2 weeks later he had lost his points. But he appealed and won - because he claimed that the FIA Yearbook rules in French permitted repairs (whereas the English didn't). Clever bugger. He was ruled correct by the FIA. There was no way that these slots were repairs - and I'm afraid that's when I realised what we were up against. Sean Walker - yes we did try running a "restricted" turbo for him as a customer - but he gave up because the restrictor was crippling the car. Another ridiculous thing: RACMSA had assured us in 89 & 90 that RS500s were safe until they had the backing of at least 6 manufacturers for their proposed 2-litre championship. That turned out to be a lie. They in fact went ahead with only 2 manufacturers. The main one being GM, who had them over a barrel. GM threatened to pull out completely if they didn't get "their" 2-litre series. And just to rub salt into the wound, RACMSA wiped the RS500 from the championship with the ridiculous restrictor. GM v Ford. Life doesn't change!" And a bit further writes specifically on the Sean Walker car; So at the start of 91 Shell encouraged us to get some sort of a deal with Ford. We were approached by a designer who said he could make the Sapphire work. We took him on and had enough funding to build and run one car. Sean Walker asked us to supply him with a drive - hence the restricted RS500. That's what he wanted." Sorry to take the thread away from DJR2. We have at least clarified that the 91 car was a new build, and not DJR2. And perhaps the new regs allowed a restricted turbo to race..? Cheers Iain