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  1. Restoration of #389

    Amazing job Paul, I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you've put into this for me, I really do appreciate it, everyone who has seen it have been gobsmacked with the attention to detail.
  2. Restoration of #389

    My hat goes off to you Sir, what a difference :-)
  3. Restoration of #389

    Fan bloody tastic work Paul, really appreciate the effort you're putting in ;-)
  4. Restoration of #389

    Ohhhh very nice, top job Paul, looks awesome ;-)
  5. Restoration of #389

    Looking good Paul ;-)
  6. If you could buy any part brand new

    Airbox.... just an airbox, that's all, am I asking too much... don't answer that :'(
  7. This rings a bell, I nearly bought it around 4 years ago if it's the same one, it was in Stafford at the time, it had headlamp covers, and a few shiney bits under the bonnet and a decent amount of bhp, a real stunner.
  8. My 500

    Around 27 years, a guy owned a local video shop had a white 500 when they first came out, spent many an hour drooling over it. My uncle has just sold his mk2 RS2000 which he'd had since the early 80's, been around RS's since an early teenager, 42 now. Both now live inside, one has a holiday each year for an over winter rest from the hard life it gets, the other stays home in semi retirement
  9. Modded or Standard

    Mine has had a little tinkering and although I would like to put it back to standard getting hold of all the right bits in the condition that I'd want isn't practical, so it will end up as a mint mildly (by my standards) modified one, not ott but just right..... I hope To the original question, I'd say a standard one would be worth more.
  10. BUILD NUMBER 283 & MY 3DR

    Lovely looking pair
  11. My 500

    No, a couple of 3drs, sold one a couple of years back, the 500 doesn't get used much, the 3dr is the anger management tool, it's either flat out or parked up Thanks for the welcome and comments guy's
  12. Focus RS mk2 (FW with nice modds ) SOLD

    It's all gone :'(
  13. My 500

    Cheers Mr.Ford, they're revolution rfx, tried a few options but always go back to these. Hi Paul, No 389
  14. New rs500 cross over pipes

    Paul, stick my name on one and bring it to the Cumbria show please, will see you there