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  1. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    Yeah Paul, bring the Caltex one!
  2. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    Cool Andy, email you address and I'll get tickets and passes and stuff sorted out. Same goes for anyone else, just email me details and I'll get on to it
  3. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    Good to chat to you earlier Jim - think my overactive spam filter blocked you! Anyway, just to keep everyone in the loop, we're going to put the feature idea on hold for the time being. There's a few possibilities for it still to happen, and I'll do my best to make it so, but for now it's best to just leave it. However, if any of you still fancy coming to Ford Fair, we can happily accommodate you on the Fast Ford stand/pit garage, and can offer you two 20min track sessions (where you'll be out in the 'Fastest Fords' section, not an amateur group). If any of you are interested in this please let me know asap and I'll make it happen Any problems, just email me. Thanks Jamie
  4. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    This is such a shame guys, as I think it would make an awesome feature, and would have been a good day out for us all I'm still keen to make the photoshoot happen, and I know the guys that organise Ford Fair are still keen to have a pit garage full of race RS500s as an attraction at the show. The offer is still there for a full professional photoshoot, free entry to Ford Fair, free track time etc etc... ...but it wont happen if you guys don't want it to. Please let me know either way, Thanks Jamie
  5. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    Names and Addresses! Right guys, To help me work out just how much space we're going to need at Ford Fair please can anyone who is able to attend the photoshoot/show email me with names, addresses, and a contact number - jamie.king@futurenet.com - and I will put a list together for tickets to be sent out. Just to recap the plan: The feature photoshoot will happen at Ford Fair We will have a designated pit garage for the day to shoot the feature in The 'RS500 area' will also be a part of Ford Fair show - giving people the chance to see first hand what happens at a photoshoot You will also receive two dedicated track sessions - where we will ask all cars to go on track so we can get some 'action' shots I will be extremely busy on the day (it's hectic for us) so will probably have to contact you individually after the show to get any info I might require for the feature, so please include a contact number in your email. Any questions, please just ask. Thanks Jamie
  6. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    Hello guys - Update Time -------- Right, I'll not beat about the bush, all the UK tracks want to charge a small fortune to use a photoshoot location (probably because of the number of cars involved) so I've had my thinking cap on and come up with what I feel is a perfect solution... Let's do the feature at Ford Fair! As the same company that owns Fast Ford also runs Ford Fair I can therefore have a bit more say in what we want from the day. So, what I am proposing is that we have a designated area (probably a couple of pit garages) that are part of the Fast Ford stand where we can shoot the feature. This will double as being part of the Fast Ford stand, but we can cone if off from the general public, and we can have a designated photographer just taking pics of the race cars for the mag feature. This also acts as an added attraction to the show too. We can also grab you guys some good track time too - where you can all be aout on track together. We can offer three different track sessions (obviously all will be in the afternoon, so we can get all the static pics done first) which will enable us to get really good 'action' shots of you guys on track. So, if we can do it at Ford Fair, we can each of you offer: -2x tickets to the show -full magazine feature -a designated pit garage where all RS500 race cars will be together (location for shoot, and attraction on Fast Ford stand) -3x 20min track sessions The only potential snag I can see is that Ford Fair is on 11th August, which is between Rounds of your Championship - but unfortunately I think is this is best we'll be able to do. Let me know who's up for doing the feature at the show and I'll start putting a list together, Thanks guys
  7. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    Quick update guys - I've been looking at locations and Rockingham is definitely coming out on top (various reasons, but mainly because it's centrally located, will accomodate our needs, and wont cost a fortune) I've been speaking with Rockingham, and at present they cannot confirm which dates are available (we're looking at May/June time) until they have finalised their calendar for the year. I'll keep you guys updated as and when I hear anything, In the meantime, I hope to catch a few of you at Thruxton at the end of the month Thanks for the list too - looks like there'll be a few up this
  8. Magazine Feature ( cancelled ) due to lack of interest

    Cool stuff - thanks for the feedback guys! The reason I suggested Rockingham is because it is a nice, central location for everyone and because we (as a magazine) already have a good working relationship with them - basically we'll be able to take over the whole place for a day. Tracks that are owned by MSV (and Silverstone too) are notoriously difficult to organise (mainly because these tracks have much busier calendars) and therefore finding a suitable/available date becomes a much harder task. Plus we start to run into a whole world of paperwork with PLI, risk assessments, and loads of other H&S stuff, and/or costs for track hire - and we simply don't have a budget to hire a track for the day. I appreciate why you guys have suggested the tracks the cars originally raced on, and I agree it would be an added benefit but to be totally honest the feature is going to be all about the cars, the history, the success, and the current race series - not about the tracks. So, from the feature's point of view, the track in the background really wont make a massive difference - we just need somewhere big enough to assemble all the cars on the same day. I will definitely ask around at other tracks (Brands Hatch, Silverstone, and Oulton seem to be the favourites) to see how we get on, but speaking from past experience I wouldn't be surprised if this a no-go. To help with my 'blagging' of venues, am I correct in thinking that all cars will be MSA logbooked, and all drivers holding at least a Nat B license, and so on? The majority of the photoshoot will be static, but it might help our cause if we can prove we're not there for a 'mess about' but are genuine enthusiasts/racers. I'll let you know how I get on. In the mean time can we start a quick list of who/what cars are likely to attend this feature please?
  9. Hi Guys - Just a quick question for you all - but how many of you guys would be interested in getting together for a magazine feature in Fast Ford. Since speaking to the guys at HSCC and a certain Mr Linfoot at Autosport I've been keen to organise an awesome feature, showing readers that the 'RS500 is back in action'. Many people (myself included) never got the chance to see the RS500 compete in anger the first time around, so this series is going to be a real chance for us to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of these awesome machines fighting it out. Therefore I'd love to organise a feature for the magazine where we can get everybody (or as many of the RS500s as possible) together for a big feature, going along the lines of the 'back in action' type theme. Exact details and so on can be sorted nearer the time, but I'd love to see a collection of genuine race cars all together at the same place on the same day so we can get some incredible photos that, let's face it, nobody would be able to get elsewhere. Having seen the provisional schedule/race calendar I can see that there is a fair bit of time between the first round in March and the second round in July - so I am currently talking to Rockingham about potential dates in May or June. So, my question is, how many of you guys would be; a) interested in getting involved with a magazine feature, and, able to attend a photoshoot at Rockingham in May or June I'm just testing the water at the moment, so please feel free to put forward any suggestions or give your feedback. I look forward to your response Thanks, Jamie