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  1. OEM RS500 Intercooler installation

    thanks for the offer, and if I were nearer i might take you up on these but given the distance and also the probability that they will not be quite right as I have installed a "thicker" Radiator. Thanks anyway the pictures which will help me model replacements. much obliged Philip
  2. OEM RS500 Intercooler installation

    Brilliant, thanks now it is crystal clear, much appreciated Philip
  3. OEM RS500 Intercooler installation

    Thanks Buddy, the drivers side is pretty straight forward, but the near side is a bit obscured by the throttle cable, is that just one steel strip running down from the slam panel rubber mount to the IC then set at an angle to Radiator or is it two strips?. cheers and thanks for your help. Philip
  4. OEM RS500 Intercooler installation

    Hi Paul, I would like to post pic's (56kb)but the system complains "upload folder full"!
  5. I am gradually upgrading the performance of my 3 dr RS500 wannabe (Kaliber Press Car) and am in the process of fitting a genuine RS500 IC, I have scoured the net, posted requests on passion ford etc, nobody replies/knows anything about the two upper tabs, that is what are they for?. Does anyone have access to an OEM installation that you could takes pics of and send me. I will be much obliged. Thanks Philip