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  1. found some new very rare foto of the car,,,,,,thanks to fotofux,,,
  3. new photo discovered
  4. nice pic of the car follow mike smith
  5. another one with the 3 cars,,,,
  6. look,s find a good home .....
  7. dont have other info sadly,,,,,,but i am waiting another on,,,,i hope
  8. a great photo pops up today ,,,,,,that prove that subgect sierra is the tlr2 side by side with the 2 wolfs,,,,,,
  9. after a long search and some e mail,s found that the car is ex herbert drexler sponsoring pleshinger,,,,
  10. sassie nuber 155 rumoured that is from homologation car,s one off the 500
  11. as the nubers goes up , just thinking what actually cost to somwone today to build a rs500 gpa with all the componets like mag uprights arms weels getrag brakes electrik,,,, like egmo wolf tlr djr grab ringshausen and others,,,,
  12. but my favorit is this
  13. drive it like you stolen
  14. the car is 198804 sassi have all the usuall wolf bits like breather twin tubes big heather tank girlig brakes magnesium rear arms centerlock ronals , run on pectel managment do upgrade allsow australian harrop diff dont confuse about the rouse air filter becose the team they suport the car have allsow a rouse car ,,, i have many others foto and in you tube you can se the car in hilclibes or sirkoui
  15. i am not sow sure wen converted this car ??
  16. estimated the engine from 10000 and up and the shell another 10000 ,,,,, the small bits i dont now??
  17. all this estimated 22000e is this a fair price ,,,,you need a motorsport shell yes and the looms instruments etc etc,,,, maybe one of the owners here its able to value this??? lets put acide the factor history races drivers ,,,,,,,,what is worth a rs500 gpa motorsport,,,,,
  18. in first time this car pops up the seller want 60,,, now came back with double ,,, but i think some take the organizer
  19. and to paying 100000 and more fore a road version is logical??? or the asking price of texaco or bastos is logical,,,, the asking price for the B&h was 135000 and my opinion is that is a fair price for a car that hit some races and pole potition in atcc with 1 of the best driver in the world at 80ish,,,,, conclusion anywone pay as they want the hard and not sow hard earned money ,,,,, its a open market ,,,, maybe this gye hoo bid the louigi was a young boy in the barriers of spa or silverstone and say to himself one day i have this car no mater,,,,, i admire the passion and dedication to rs500 to this byers ho bring back in life this fantastic car ,,,,,,,yes if i have this nubers i give it easy to live onse the dream too run in track those cars to live the sweat in my back,,,,,
  20. the car listed for sale in v8sleuth ,,,the price is 195000aud
  21. the first car again melvill portugal sirkoui and hilclib ,,,the secont tassin from 1988
  22. melvill in portugal championship