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  1. found some new very rare foto of the car,,,,,,thanks to fotofux,,,
  2. new photo discovered
  3. nice pic of the car follow mike smith
  4. another one with the 3 cars,,,,
  5. look,s find a good home .....
  6. dont have other info sadly,,,,,,but i am waiting another on,,,,i hope
  7. a great photo pops up today ,,,,,,that prove that subgect sierra is the tlr2 side by side with the 2 wolfs,,,,,,
  8. after a long search and some e mail,s found that the car is ex herbert drexler sponsoring pleshinger,,,,
  9. sassie nuber 155 rumoured that is from homologation car,s one off the 500
  10. but my favorit is this
  11. drive it like you stolen
  12. the car is 198804 sassi have all the usuall wolf bits like breather twin tubes big heather tank girlig brakes magnesium rear arms centerlock ronals , run on pectel managment do upgrade allsow australian harrop diff dont confuse about the rouse air filter becose the team they suport the car have allsow a rouse car ,,, i have many others foto and in you tube you can se the car in hilclibes or sirkoui
  13. i am not sow sure wen converted this car ??