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  1. DJR at Silverstone ETCC 1988

    Nice one guys
  2. Group A RS500 (sold)

    Nice car Ian at a good price. Love the RAC TT entry list too (Every Aussie loves the start of that race).
  3. Ringhausen / Eggenberger RS500 for sale

    Fluorescents always react to UV and heat, ask anyone who has had time with Marlboro Pink 956's and VK Gp C Commodores. + if you look at pics of the car in period (Unless there were 2 x LUI Ringhausen RS500's?) it ran its air-jack pick up in a different place, not offset, Wolf style, like it does now. So she may have had a slight kiss, warranting a new bumper and new decals that would be a different colour if they spec'd the original shade? Just a guess based on personal experience I might add. FWIW, I really like this car and think she's good buying, assuming the current owner knows his stuff (I think "yes").
  4. Graham Goode Group A RS500

    It should be in the UK. I am a bit "funny" about exporting good cars out of Australia, but some are just orphans down here and this great little car is one of them. Lob in an offer folks!
  5. http://www.racecarsdirect.com/listing/50456/eggenberger_ford_sierra_rs500.html Nothing to do with me, just a cool car. The ad makes me wonder what great history is still lurking. It has a GABE ID tag, not an EGMO Anyone?
  6. Graham Goode Group A RS500

    That sound great Neil, very much appreciated. The Ecurie email is best thanks. Cheers, Chris.
  7. Graham Goode Group A RS500

    Hi Neil, Now I see why you asked the Q... Perhaps you could email me with your race history with the car and the Indonesian history (I am assuming it was Tommy Suharto? I have heard about an RS500 in Indo before, perhaps this is it and I can stop looking!!) and I will update its history file. It's terrible when things are left out, isn't it? Cheers and thanks, Chris.
  8. Group A RS500 for sale (one for you Paul L)!!

    Oh my... THAT's why I am having trouble selling her. I shall immediately add that the car was owned by Neil Ballbag42 and right my wrong. Sorry about that. Shit happens, right?
  9. Graham Goode Group A RS500

    Yes Neil, that's me. Keen to go fast?
  10. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    Car # 17 pictured above, with the big red Turtle on the door, (Love it!!) is chassis RSCA 87 005 at Spa 24 Hr 1987.
  11. Graham Goode Group A RS500

    Maybe? He is more a racer than cruiser, so I doubt it sadly :'(
  12. Another cool clip, this time its DJR #4 and #5

    Hi Guys. Glad you liked the clip! It's well done hey? Just to clear up a point that does not sit well with some; 680 HP in 1992 spec is correct. As Dick has stated many a time before, the only thing FOMOCO (Ie standard) on the DJR cars was the bodyshell. The car in question (DJR#5) is a work of art and is all 1991 TAG McLaren technology, courtesy of the Shell connection. It absolutely bristles with innovations and makes our 1989 spec car (DJR#4) look like a bit of a dinosaur. I can appreciate that it is hard to comprehend 680 HP from what history has shown you in the BTCC and what a T4 can do. Your BTCC RS 500's raced against other RS500's and the odd M3, please understand that we had 3 years (1990, 91,92) of the R32 GTR destroying all comers, so the RS500's evolved to stay competitive. CAMS, our Aussie FIA, let the RS500's have a shedload of freedoms, to keep up with the AWD monster. Amongst those freedoms was also a blind eye and probably a fair bit of NFI too, as the technology used by the top teams would have been bewildering to most scrutineers. Sadly, when you guys went to the 2L class, Gp A got REALLY interesting and evolved at a rate of knots. Without saying too much, F1 Turbo technology was freely available to the right teams, especially after the 1989 ban. DJR and their main benefactor Shell took the utmost advantage of this... F1 Turbo's + money no object fuel = 680HP. I hope this is clear enough and you guys can read between the lines a bit? To be frank, the HP figures are not what impresses me the most about these late build RS500's, it is how the chassis was developed to put the power down!! Cheers, Chris.
  13. Cool YouTube video of Brock Mobil Sierra

    Nice one Carl!
  14. http://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/news-reviews/2013/10/video-bathurst-sierras-at-lakeside-raceway This was a great day
  15. The Mike Steele who piped up in that thread is an Australian. Yes, at the moment there are 4 Brock Mobil cars in existence, when there should just be two. Its a bit of a bunfight, but not too hard to work out what's where