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  1. The Rouse ANZ car is still in Australia Roy. Today I spoke with the fellow that restored it for the current owner. It is safely tucked away in his garage in Sydney.. I sold it to a client of Bowdens who sold it to its current owner. She is an ex-pat Aussie living and working in the UK.
  2. And here is the Rouse/Moffat/ANZ car in my amateur hands at Phillip Island Historic in 2010
  3. You are dead right Roy. I thought I recognised Chris Dubois in the back ground and did not look closely enough at the car. Apologies to everyone Here is the car at Bathurst 1987 showing whar Roy's eagle eyes picked up
  4. Nope, this last car, the ANZ one, was my Rouse/Moffat ANZ car from Bathurst 1987. It is not the Carter car.
  5. What cars are still missing.

    One of the Eggenberger Moffat cars was said to be a Texaco car. A couple of years ago , at the AGP in Melbourne, a Sauber F1 engineer looked at the N0.10 1989 purchased car and said it was a Texaco car and he was involved in its build. I quizzed him and he seemed pretty sure. We were racing in a Group A historic event at the time. I could never confirm that story. It has also been said that the No.9 Eggenberger Moffat 1988 purchased car was a Texaco car. That is still in New Zealand. Who knows !
  6. TLR3/4

    Bendy just waiting for RSRoy to elaborate B&H to Ken Smith to Bryan Sala.... correct...no doubt
  7. TLR3/4

    Not correct
  8. TLR3/4

    Not correct
  9. I am sure that was just a momentary memory lapse by Martin. We all have them every now and then. After all its been some years since he sold me the car.
  10. Martin the chassis number for the Rouse/ Moffat ANZ Sierra is 00587