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    A fantastic website run by a very good friend Darren Barber Daz has built up this database over the last 20 years and shows what rs500"s are known www.rs500cosworth.com
  2. 1987 "Works" Texaco Cars 99261 (#6 car) 99262 (#7 car) 99263 (#12 car) 1988 "Works" Texaco Cars 99267 (Unknown / Spare car???) 99268 (#2 Steve Soper Car - I think it was wrecked at the Spa 24h race 99269 (#1 Klaus Ludwig Car The DTM Championship winning car - This one is Martins old car) For the final race of the 1988 season, the 99269 car (Martins) was repainted in the Trampio colours and taken to Japan for the Fuji 500 where it remained until Martin rescued it. Customer Cars ALL Egmo Customer cars were done with chassis numbers EGMO yy-nn where yy is the year and nn is the sequential chassis number for that year (eg: the Yacco EGMO 90-02 car). Just a little more info shared , Paul
  3. Due to photobucket removing all my pics i have done another resto thread but will just put it all together Enjoy Before The stripping
  4. almost done New sticker kit
  5. Turbo cleaned ready to fit Refit of all refurbed parts Engine rebuilt after all parts refurbed
  6. Bodykit refitted Bumper painted
  7. If values were all the same what colour rs500 would you have Has to be black for me
  8. how long have you had your 500's ?

    Hi Mark welcome to the site mate Thanks for the kind words , and yes we have done a bit of wheeling and dealing lol Me and jo will pop over one night to see you all Paul
  9. My 500

    I am trying to get some rs500owners.com tissues made , lol
  10. Resto of my white rs500 #423

    Thanks mate It takes many hours to get them looking this good but worth it
  11. Why they changed this from the std item i have no idea other than possible room due to the bigger T4 turbo This is the rs500 item ( known as the horse shoe ) This is the std cosworth item The items together The rs500 item fitted
  12. no 175

    A car i know well mate , and a stunner welcome to the website Paul
  13. www.cosworthrsspares.co.uk

    I have been running NYRS now for near 10 years and try and provide quality used RS spares at reasonable prices I specialise in mainly cosworths now but still try and break all types of RS cars www.cosworthrsspares.co.uk Please have a look at my website , but remember not everything i have in stock will be listed so please call
  14. I previous owner 3 door cosworth ( SOLD )

  15. how long have you had your 500's ?

    Well i have had 13 rs500"s now , got my first one aprox 8 years ago now
  16. The rs500 item is much bigger ( 76MM ) and does not have the ISC Valve located into it Note the reworked linkage also on the 500 item The std cosworth item (a much smaller 60 MM ) and has the ISC Valve located in the top
  17. The inlete for a rs500 has 8 fuel injecters compared with just 4 on the std cosworth This means the outer cover has an extra set of holes for the 4 extra injecters Also there is an extra fuel rail This pic shows a std cosworth item ( only 4 injecters ) This pic shows the rs500 8 injecter item ( for 8 injecters ) You can also see that the elbow is also special on the rs500 as it is much bigger and has the ISC Valve located into it rather than in the throttle body like the std cosworth The rs500 item the std cosworth item
  18. The rs500 top fuel rail has an extra take of to supply fuel to the second extra fuel rail The first pic shows a std rail above and a rs500 item below As with the fuel regualtor , this item is blanked off from new and will need the plug to be removed if you wish to use all 8 injectors