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  1. Oulton Park 2013 Youtube clip

    Paul got pushed off by Patrick Watts bad driving !!! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A4_UV3L2ZMs&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DA4_UV3L2ZMs Cheers Jim
  2. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    We have the gearbox and clutch out of the car at the moment. We had quite a bad oil leak on the gearbox at Silverstone after only just having it completely rebuilt .... The flywheel clutch pictures, as you can see the surface area on the flywheel is less than the friction plate so would make sense to replace the flywheel and clutch. At the moment the clutch torque rating is 721 FT/LB I have been advised by Gee at Gee Sport that runs Paul Smiths car we would be better off with a 588 FT/LB, When Gee inquired AP had no stock !! So i thing Gee it trying to get a Tilton clutch... The new suspention we have had made by Ohlins Is still a long way off of being right it all needs re valving again. We need to get the car out for some serious testing when it is all back together as we just have not had time as always waiting on some new parts. We are having to have a special socket made to take the castle nuts off to change the front wheel bearings as well. We will eventually get there !!! That is for sure....... Cheers Jim
  3. Hi Chris I hope you are well i do not think this will happen any more !! As nobody ever got back to me regarding any proper information like dates and racees. And I think time has now ran out for us this end ...... I am now looking into doing something else somewhere in Europe. Thanks Chris Kind regards Jim
  4. DJR1?

    It would take a lot more than a bit of a crash to stop Andy having a good day he is allways happy !!! That car will look like new in a few weeks time....... Cheers Jim
  5. The rest of the season

    I was thinking the same thing Andy for you if only..............this time last week !!! I will give you a call tomorrow Andy. Cheers Jim
  6. Fors Sierra RS500 Cosworth 1:18 Scale Models

    How much do you want if I take all of them only sent to one adress ?? Cheers Jim
  7. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    In the last photograph I wanted to know do you think that is the correct Ford bage for the front grill !!! Lol Cheers Jim
  8. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Hi Mark I know exactly who you are now it was great to see every one it was a good weekend in the end ! We need to get out and get some more testing in (now we have some brakes) !!! Cheers Jim
  9. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    A few photos from Donington ! Hope you like them .......
  10. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Thanks Lee you should have come over and introduce yourself ..... Donington at 6.30am today ! The weather in this country is just so messed up......
  11. DJR1?

    I just wanted to say that I did not put a message up on here till now for Andy till after I had a long chat on the phone with him today .... How does Andy stay so calm and so relaxed all the time !!! I felt more sorry for Paul Linfoot than Andy after the off as I thought Paul was going to break down in tears !!! me and Andy was saying that today .. It was just so so sleepy out there yesterday I was glad to get back to the pits wheel spin in 5th gear !! Knowing Andy it will be fixed next week Lol.... Cheers Jim
  12. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    What a difference a day makes still here at Donington Monday 4pm and 34 degrees !!! Shame the weather wasn't as good for the RS show.... but we make the best of it and thanks to Paul Linfoot for looking after all of us so well .... Been testing the car all day today and all is very good thank god .... This is a photo from today but will have some good photos to put up soon from the RS day ( well the boys will like them ) lol..... This photo I only took with my phone so not that good Cheers Jim
  13. Moonstone Blue RS500 Cosworth9 ( SOLD )

    Hi Paul shame you have to sell this car ! But remember even if you have not got a RS500 any more you're more than welcome to come to the race track every time we go testing or racing and be part of our team !!! Cheers Jim
  14. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    That is a shame but sounds like you will have a good birthday in London but will see you at Silverstone ... Cheers Jim
  15. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Hi Paul is your car running well now on them new wheels ? We started the car up you can hardly hear it running with this exhaust so we won't have any more problems at test days sounds like a standard RS500 ! My new wheels come this Thursday as well.. It has been a very long last five days at Goodwood did not get home till 12.30 last night and left there at 8.30 There was no problem leaving Goodwood it was all the people just coming back from the south coast after the weekend..... Are you going to try and make it to Donington and catch a lift up with someone ? Cheers Jim
  16. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Just got back from Goodwood FOS after 5 days and it was very hot there ....... The car is now back from Hayward and Scott they have done a great job on the new exhaust system all in stainless steel....
  17. My New Toy. Build 463.

    Paul it is looking very good on the wheels with the big brakes under there !!! Get it out and have some fun now that will put a smile on your face ....... Cheers Jim
  18. Thanks Chris looking forward to hearing from you all ..... Cheers Jim
  19. Hi Jamie I have sent you a email days ago to give me a contact number for you but have had no reply from you by phone or e-mail Cheers Jim
  20. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Hi Mike the only reason we changed is that Bilstien don't make 2 way Suspension and they won't be for the next year or so..... Cheers Jim
  21. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Donnington RS Day is the 21st of July. Cheers Jim
  22. The new workshop

    Paul there is another reason he won't come down but I'll have to phone you and let you know........it is very funney but it is very true....Lol Cheers Jim
  23. national day

    Thanks Paul ... Cheers Jim
  24. The new workshop

    Thanks Paul that is very nice of you and you know the same applies when you come down this way ..... But after our phone conversation the other day I don't think you'll be coming down this way very soon !! Lol Cheers Jim