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  1. Labbats Car

    Sorry only read first page lol
  2. Labbats Car

    Hi what's not original and what mods have been done ?
  3. New RS500 engine, consider selling

    Hi can you email me lan@prospect.uk.com as I am interested but have some questions thank you
  4. 4k UHD Videos from the NEC

    Great video and very informative well done mate
  5. Re bmw I have the listerine m3e30 vic lee car so this car was on my shopping list (of course for the right money) the shell was very similar to a matter shell if not a matter shel basically it was a rolling shell with running gear with the right dog leg getrag gearbox but all other bits missing it wasn't bad money if you could fine some history (I did think there would be some because of the build centre locks and air jacks on it) but it came up before the csi group a I decided to keep my money for that car in the end I got neither but think you are right not a bad price
  6. Wish I had stayed at home there were 5000 bidders at he auction don't know how many on line if you go to the rm Sotheby's web site all the prices and details are there when you see them you will see how crazy the prices were 30k plus for a Coca Cola sign lol
  7. Hi all I am still in italy now the rs 500 needed a lot of work and money spent on it.iI came to buy the csi group a I thought I had a good budget but prices were crazy a load of us from the uk sat together all were there to buy various cars nobody got anything the romour was that there were 15000 bidders registered all paying 100 euro each for sure people got carried away but it's is the biggest auction ever in Europe there was some fantastic stuff there
  8. My RS500 #47

    Looks great you can see a lot of time has been spent on ithe car......... I also like the registration plate
  9. Great Johnson / Bowe Interview

    What a great program .........the Aussies so laid back..........wonder what the camera weight was in the car??
  10. What fuel do the Touring cars use?

    Hi We used a race fuel that is controlled its a 102 octane I think in the day they used a bigger octane than us I think it was 107/9 But stand to be corrected You can use tesco 99 and put in a octane booster for testing to keep costs down Ian
  11. Zytek Engine Management

    Hi Carl I have the same unit in my bmw and gave it to Andy I agree with jim the cost of these engines now you need to do all you can to protect them. A newer Ecu will give you a lot more information so you can make better decisions on race day not to go quicker but to see if there is any small engine problems which may turn into big ones Also I could only find one person to service the Zytec unit in the uk we had an over fuelling problem which was washing the bores. It took weeks to try and sort it out we fitted a newer Ecu it took half a day to get the car right We will be fitting a newer Ecu to Djr 2 so we can get feed back from the engine as we want the engine to last the season
  12. Group A RS500 (sold)

    Thanks mark yes it did stay in the uk the new owner may well race it
  13. Group A RS500 (sold)

    Sorry now sold
  14. Could my car have run in Texaco colours

    Hi paul Some really compelling evidence there I hope it is the texaco car what about a time line you to simon to ted worse case you have a fantastic car one of the best in Europe best case a world beater Ian
  15. Group A Dry Break Fuel Holes

    Hi ben The fuel fillers should be bigger than the hole so make up a template from paper or card board mark where you want the hole to be then you can either use a hole saw or drill a hole and hand cut or drill lots of holes and hand finish with a file it doesn't have to be perfect because if you have the right fillers they will cover your work it's not a big job paul has some of the fuel fillers for my car maybe he can put up a photo of them if you don't already have some so you can see what to get Ian