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  1. silverstone classic

    just found out that Armin can not make Silverstone, he will be on holiday away he said he will do next years disappointing but that's racing martin
  2. silverstone classic

  3. silverstone classic

    yes, have the 1987 sierra as pictures, chassis HWRT 1987 001
  4. silverstone classic

    Guest driver Driver armin.hahne he is very keen to get into one of his old cars again
  5. Restoration of Rs500 #406

    very nice
  6. silverstone classic

    just to confirm we will be racing this year with my ex Wolf sierra rs500 with special guest driver for the weekend who else is going martin
  7. building an rs500 gpa

    I viewed these parts last time I was a spa the guy selling them was 15 minutes from the track, had some good stuff there, these parts were in/ complete, and the big duff was just a case. and the centre lock wheel centres were un macheed ali blanks and the rear arm and front uprights were made out of ali and not mag so not all they seamed clad I did not make special trip to see them,
  8. Could be an interesting one up for auction?

    not to bad but does look home built
  9. rs500 ex wolf

    sounds like it, my 005 car is 1986 Merker xr4ti SHELL build and ran as there main car in 1986, converted to sierra rs500 by them for spare car IN 87 this one could not have been built after 87 very latest as my other car 001 is a sierra shell, and built in 87, they when were only building sierra shells be interesting to know full chasse number, wolf told me they re stamped all the cars in early 1987 when the changed company name to HWRT five cars in total, hence my HWRT 1987 005 car has 87 DATE
  10. rs500 ex wolf

    makes my car for sale look cheap note the Ali roll cage this is a ex Merker TI shell, by the look on the gearbox tunnel so needs full roll cage and rebuild 100k euro
  11. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    build number then year from memory
  12. Martyns old GGR car for sale

    love the dragon
  13. Could be an interesting one up for auction?

    I registered for telephone bidding it was free, but did have to prove funds and fill in five page form prices were crazy, when the guy phoned me for the sierra rs500 I told him do they know the engine is on a palate and broken, we also thought the bmw 635 would go for 40,000 euros and the sierra for around 50,000 euros
  14. Could be an interesting one up for auction?

    estermate put on this car was at this auction was 15 to 20,000 a lot of people travelled to Italy and then bought nothing, and some got carried away in the moment
  15. Could be an interesting one up for auction?

    just makes other cars worth more makes me re value my two cars and look at them differently I valued them @100k each