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  1. RS500 Build plaques

    Is it still possible to obtain build plaques?, my ones become a bit worn.
  2. I need the two brackets used to mount the two fold down rear seat sections to the car body (highlighted in red).
  3. Hi,
     I have a pair of NOS RS500 splitters in ford packaging, please let me know if you know anyone that is looking for a set.

    All the best

    1. RS 500 Registrar

      RS 500 Registrar


      How much are you looking for ?


    2. RS500G


      Hi, Not sure really, not seen any others come up recently that i know to gauge a price.

  4. Coolant tank

    Hi, I have a used standard RS500 header tank. Please let me know if you are interested..
  5. Rs500 splitter

    Hi, I have a complete brand new original (NOS) Ford splitter still in packaging (2 parts). Let me know if you are interested. All the best G.
  6. Beauty & The Beast.

    I'll leave it to you to decide which is which !!.
  7. Sad Sight...

    Glad to here that mate . I managed to get mine out today after many weeks of trying.
  8. Sad Sight...

    How about an update Paul