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  1. Graham Goode

    Was logged in been trying for 3 days now just comes up with upload folder full thats even after down sizing the pics
  2. Graham Goode

    been trying to upload pics wont let me do it
  3. DJR2

    Steve matthais who owns the brock mobil one car repaired the rear end properly for andy lloyd when he restored it back to the shell colours as it was a rushed repair after the thruxton crash to race the following week
  4. Graham Goode

    Sean walker drove an fai luk sponsored car in 1990 but a rouse prepped car phil told me he did a deal with some engines to get 88001 will dig out the pics asap
  5. Group A RS500 for sale (one for you Paul L)!!

    Lol like ;)it on a serious note havnt you had much interest that suprises me i told martin to paint it those colours think it Looks far better
  6. Graham Goode Group A RS500

    hi chris is the ad on the eccurie site anything to do with yourself thanks neil
  7. Graham Goode

    phil collins sold this car to an indonisian family for there son to race later it was bought back and ended up at sussex motorsport were i bought it still got loads of pics when i started the restoration before selling to martin
  8. Group A RS500 for sale (one for you Paul L)!!

    funny thing when people think they know what there talking about i should know it was MY car and i sold it to martin johnson not as the eccurie advert states he bought it from collins motorsport