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  1. Need your help fellas

    With a shameless post and ask its a Karate one again , guys can you spare me a min and give us upto 10 votes in the Aviva Community fund only takes a Min you can do it using the Facebook option or via e-mail and you do not get bombarded after , your help here will be awesome in keeping My Karate club as the No1 Dojo in North Manchester thanks all . https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/17-5616
  2. RS500 Owners at Manchester classic car show

    Hahaha guess so
  3. RS500 Owners at Manchester classic car show

    Awesome see you there 10 mins from my house and 30 seconds from the cash and carry i go to every Saturday lol .. .
  4. How many RS500 in Scandinavia

    Few pics for ya pal , ive 8 cars on record having been or still over in Scandinavia
  5. Latest rs500 restoration

    known this car for many a year , looks totally different .. another cracking Job pal

    amazing job Andy looks stunning

    Thanks Roy , still work to do but its been long overdue , when you love Rs500's you Love em

    Looks Amazing

    Sites had a revamp and sports a fresh new look ! . www.rs500cosworth.co.uk
  10. My New 3Dr

    Been around a while first Rs was in 1986
  11. My New 3Dr

    thought i was right buddy a ex manchester rsoc car from the early 00's
  12. My New 3Dr

    sure that use to be in the Manchester owners group , think owner was Neil Abbel " spelling " ? , looks fab .. if the same car had a fab drive across the A50 to national day many years back Brum Brum Booooooooooost ! .. Bye
  13. Latest rs500 restoration

    gona be a special car for sure , top work as always Paul mate
  14. Restoration of Rs500 #406

    Looks solid that , great work as usual Paul
  15. Photo shoot thanks and picture

    Looks ace guys , hopeful of coming to the show as its been too long since my last one