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  1. Few pics for ya pal , ive 8 cars on record having been or still over in Scandinavia
  2. known this car for many a year , looks totally different .. another cracking Job pal
  3. amazing job Andy looks stunning
  4. Thanks Roy , still work to do but its been long overdue , when you love Rs500's you Love em
  5. Looks Amazing
  6. Sites had a revamp and sports a fresh new look ! .
  7. Been around a while first Rs was in 1986
  8. thought i was right buddy a ex manchester rsoc car from the early 00's
  9. sure that use to be in the Manchester owners group , think owner was Neil Abbel " spelling " ? , looks fab .. if the same car had a fab drive across the A50 to national day many years back Brum Brum Booooooooooost ! .. Bye
  10. gona be a special car for sure , top work as always Paul mate
  11. Looks solid that , great work as usual Paul
  12. Looks ace guys , hopeful of coming to the show as its been too long since my last one
  13. Top work Paul
  14. Wow !!
  15. Nice seeing it again , stunner ..