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  1. Hi Jerry,

    More fantastic stories!!!! Thank you!

    My Donovan TDR RS500 was the last to be built, for 1989 season.

    Mike O'Brien got the Harvey RS500, It then became the Nigel Mustill Thundersaloon RS500, maybe you raced against it in the thundersaloons??

    My RS500 had more success after BTCC, it won the European Group A Rally Cross Championship in 1991 and 92 with Kenneth Hansen.

    Cheers Carl 


  2. Hi Jerry,

    Love your pic's and stories,

    In one of them you mentioned that the TDR cars were shed,s, were they under funded? bad drivers? to many cars in one team to handle?. They seem to go OK in the 1988 BTCC year with Tim Harvey only. Was Terry Drury a good engineer?  He seemed to have a good career as a driver previously.

    The reason I ask is I own the Robin Donovan Blue Hawk TDR RS500, ( I will not be offended whatever you say about it!!! Its still a Group A RS500 Racer!!!) I am slowly restoring it (it had a hard life as a Rally Cross car afterwards)  I want to balance keeping it original and reliable, so I do not want to be blowing to many turbos??

    Great to hear all your stories from that great era.

    Cheers Carl  

  3. 1 hour ago, RSRoy said:

    Sort of the same as to the Manier car happend to Murray Carters Rouse kit car. It has been painted as Moffats ANZ Sierra. Pics from 90 and a fairly recent one.


    muray carter.jpg

    Roy, the Murray Carter Sierra was never painted up as the ANZ car. The Carter car is still around in South Australia. The ANZ car is in Queensland at moment and for sale

    Cheers, Carl

  4. Great car, its been for sale for ever though! I dont think the chap really wants to sell it, he bought the Labatts from Martyn if I remember correctly and took it down under before it came back home.

    Hi Paul,

    Not the same PJ Sierra, This one is owned by a friend of mine.

    There was 3 in total, one was written off ( talk its still around??)

    This one for sale is the last and newest.

    Cheers, Carl

  5. Hi Paul, CONFIRMED :)

    Great photo, have not seen that one before, is it just new or been around for some time??

    Hi Jerry, You are correct, it is Mike O'Brien behind the wheel, but not his normal RS500.

    The car number gives it away, Robin Donovan ran with no. 18, Mike O'Brien ran with no. 17 and Dave Pinkney was no. 16

    I had heard that Mike O'Brien used the Blue Hawk car later in the year when Robin Donovan had left TDR, Apparently being the newer car ( the 3rd built) it was the better handling car. (I would love to know what was different? do you know anything about these TDR cars Jerry??)

    Mike also shared this car at Donnington , the race with co-drivers

    Cheers, Carl

  6. Thanks Mark, I sent you a message back.

    Hi Ian,

    I have gone away from the Zytec, and got a MoTec M84. This seems to be widely used over here.

    I had the motor rebuilt to same spec as it was, coopers ring head gasket etc,etc.

    The guy who mapped it is a Brit by the name of Rob Benson, ex Walkinshaw UK, ex Holden Racing Team Aus.

    Turns out he had a lot of eproms and info for the Zytec!

    Anyway it made 465hp with 22lbs boost. Good enough for a start and getting used to turbo lag!!

    My aim is to have the car ready for Bathurst race next Easter.

    Cheers, Carl

  7. Hi Guys,

    I am getting the diff on my TDR Sierra rebuilt at moment and changing ratio, are these a true ford 9" crown wheel and pinion?

    I had ordered a new CWP and the pinion came with a nose on the end of the gear end , this is extra support on the traditional ford 9"centre of a live axle. My 9"Ford Motorsport diff does not have this. Holinger gear boxes are doing the rebuild of the diff and are saying it has a different hypoid angle as well, they say it may be an 8.8" diff.

    Does anybody know??

    Cheers, Carl

  8. Hi All,

    Bit of an update,

    Engine is back from builder, had a new loom made and a Motec M84 added.

    Getting the intercooler re cored at moment, when its finished it will go on the dyno.






    You can see the Coopers Ring gasket being used, as this is how it was with TDR

    Also have the wheels all painted and polished, here is a sneek peek of them mocked up against the body



    Cheers, Carl