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  1. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Well done Andrew, Looks like you've got the hang putting the pics up!! Cheers, Carl
  2. Hi Jim, Hope alls good over your way, I will find out the organising body for Easter Bathurst. Phillip Is to Bathurst is around 800/900 Km, I will get some ideas on cost to transport, One of the guys in our category runs a transport company, so should find something from him. You are correct, shipping from Sydney would be better if Bathurst is the last stop. I may not get much in the way of answers till mid January as everything stops here next week till then. I will be back to you then. Best wishes to you and all the RS500 fans on here for Christmas and the New Year. Cheers, Carl
  3. Hi Jim, ( you have PM re contacting our category manager) All good at this end, sorry to take a little time getting back to you, but needed to speak to a few people. Spoke to our category manager ( Group A and C Touring Car Asscociation) today, he thought the Idea was brilliant. He doesn,t think it could work for 2013 but possible for 2014 on. The big problem is the October Bathurst weekend is run by V8 Supercars, and is very comercial, as I have said our Group A and C category has not ever been invited and our cars are what started the this race! His first thought was to come for the 2014 Easter meeting at Bathurst, a few weeks before hand is the Phillip Is Historic meeting. So if you came ther would be at least 2 race meetings to attend. I hope you are not put of by this, as we think its a good idea, just needs some ironing out. Also spoke to a few people re coming over to race in the UK the general concensis was there would need to be 2 to 3 race meetings either in UK or Europe to make it worthy of the trip. Some mentioned Spa as another place. Good interest though. We wouldn,t want to keep you away, We can show you what sunshine is!!! lol Cheers Carl
  4. Hi Guys, I do know Dr Bob and Chris Bowden,( DJR and B&H RS500) I will give them a call to see if they have any interest in Silverstone. Lets keep the ball rolling!! Cheers Carl
  5. BTCC Terry Drury Racing Sierra

    Thanks Paul, that would be great. Not sure about the ex rally car, as all three TDR cars had the 4 stud wheels. The 1988 car that Harvey drove and then driven by Mike O'Brien went to Nigel Mustill and he raced it as a Thundersaloon. I emailed him and he returned a few emails, one of the questions I asked him was about the arms he said they were definatly steel arms when he got it. He was going to send some pics but never has, he seemed interested initialy. Graham Hatherways RS500 also had the 4 stud wheels, If you look at photos of his RS500 you will see the cutout on the front wing for electrical cutout and fire supression is a similar to TDR. 2 holes with a cutout between. Not like the Rouse, slanted sides. I believe TDR and Graham Hathaway were close in location around Essex?? So it wouldn,t suprise me if there was some tie up between the two. Some things may never be found out!!!!! Cheers Carl
  6. Hi Jim, The Capri is a lot of fun! It has 256 BHP at the flywheel, All steel, roller rockers, twin 45 webbers on a rams horn manifold bolted to standard inlet manifold. Unfortunatly,the Bathurst 1000 weekend is not a historic event like Silverstone or Goodwood. We have our largest historic meeting at Phillip Island (Victoria) in the first weekend in March. We will be there with our Group A and C cars. I believe ther is a large contingent of Group C sports cars coming from overseas next year as they are also going to the Australian F1 GP the next week Maybe this could also be an option for the following year? I would be interested in bringing my RS500 to Silverstone but it would have to be 2014 as it would need to be bullitproof by the end of 2013! I will bring this up with some of the other Sierra runners. I guess we are lucky here in Aus as we have a very strong Group A and C catagory here . Check www.groupc.org.au There seems to be new cars all the time coming along. Sierra,s , Skylines, BMW,s, Holdens, and Fords. I think it is well worth following through with this. Cheers Carl
  7. BTCC Terry Drury Racing Sierra

    Hi Paul, Do you think TDR would of used the more expensive mag arms as opposed to , I guess, cheaper steel ones?? When i was in the UK 12 months ago I called in and met Andrew from ATM motorsports in Essex, he seemed to remember selling arms to Kenneth Hansen in the early '90s ( who knows, long time ago!!) TDR seemed to be more of a smaller budget team, with 4 stud wheels instead of centre locks etc. My guess it would of been more economical to buy a set of steel arms from Rouse. Also the alloy cage seemed to be identical to the early Rouse style. Thanks for the pics Cheers Carl
  8. Hi Guys, Seems like a fantastic idea, could be slight problem, I am a member of the Group C touring car association, this group caters for Australian Group C and Group A touring car racing in Australia. We have a championship which runs at tracks on the east coast of Australia. We, as a group have been trying to get a race on the Bathurst 1000 weekend for some years now with no luck, but there is always talk of it,so its not out of the question. Big problems seem to be MONEY. Racing categories that have raced over that weekend pay big money just to be there. Also the organisers ( V8 Supercars) are hesitant with non professional categories due to unrealiablity. Our Category has this year, has been to the F1 Grand Prix and supported another V8 Supercar race with great sucsess, so we are proving we can be reliable with our drivers and cars. So as I say its not out of the question, I will have a talk to one of our category managers next week and see what can happen. There is 2 other events at bathurst one in Feb, a 12 hr race. We supported this in 2011 with our category,and was also a great sucsess. And there is another meeting over the Easter weekend. These 2 events of course don,t have the V8 Supercars. Some pic,s and footage of me and my Group C Capri. This car raced at the Bathurst 1000 1980 to 1984. In 1980 it finished 8th outright and first under 3 litre Class Cheers Carl
  9. BTCC Terry Drury Racing Sierra

    Hi Ian The restoration is going OK, just slow at moment. Getting all the suspension parts together. It came to me with gravel mag rear arms, I am about to make a set of Rouse style steel arms. I just bought of a guy here in Aus a welding jig for the steel arms reported to come from Colin Bonds Caltex Sierra team. I,m also making new beam as the one that came with the car had big cut outs in the tube to allow more suspension travel. Old Beam New Beam with 9inch diff 4 Stud Front Hubs with new Bearings Gravel Mag Arms Picture from Autosport magazine in 1989 I will get some more pics over the next week. Oh and I think they are more likely slow boat miles than air miles!!!! Your DJR2 project looks great, as an Aussie, a bit jealous! Cheers Carl
  10. Eivind Opland RS500 Rallycross car

    Thanks Guys, I have started a thread in the race car section with a few pics, need to get some more soon up! Cheers, Carl
  11. Eivind Opland RS500 Rallycross car

    That Green RS500 of Kenneth Hansen is mine now. Of course its not a "real numbered RS500" no race (group A , rally or rallycross) car would be. My RS500 was built by Terry Drury Racing for the BTCC in 1989, it was sold to Kenneth Hansen in late 1990 for his use in the 1991 and 1992 European Group A rally cross championship, which he won both. After this it was sold to Anders Nyman, who used it very little. It past through one dealer then to Oakfields, then to me in Australia. I am returning it to 1989 TDR BTCC spec. The car has always had the RS500 features that it had in the 1989 BTCC. So as far as i,m concerned its a RS500 Group A race car. Cheers, Carl
  12. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Hi Andy, Looking forward to seeing the pics of your rear arms with the castor adjustment, I am ready to make a set for my RS500 to replace the mag arms. I looked under a group A Peter Jackson Sierra here in Aus recently and it had the bracket for the support beam, that had been removed. I understand these were Rouse kit cars. Cheers, Carl
  13. Eddie Lee / Icom /BBR / RS500

    Hi Jim, This is a pic from under the 1987 Rouse ANZ Moffat RS500, here is Aus. You can see the steel section running across the car attached to the beam at each side, Its supporting the inner pickup points of the swing arms, From your pics it seems to have a similar piece. I just cannot see as its just out of the shot. I would be very interested to see if this is the same on Andrew Kirkley's Cam shipping RS500. Hope this is of help Cheers,Carl BTW, will you race your RS500 in the YoungTimer race at the Nurbergring, I would be happy to come over and Co drive with you!! A friend of mine who races in my Group A/C series went over and raced in a M3 team, time of his life he said!
  14. Race 500's in the UK

    Good news about your new purchase, Jim, I got my Terry Drury Racing RS500 from the good folk at Oakfields too. I think mine has a Pectel ECU, I also have the Zytec as well. The old Zytec unit does look good in a period interior ! Best of luck with your new car Carl
  15. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Thanks Andrew, That will be great! Cheers, Carl
  16. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Hi Andrew, Do you have any pics of the Rouse style steel rear arms on your Sierra? On my TDR Sierra it came with mag arms and I want to replace with original steel type. I assume Terry Drury Racing would have used Rouse parts. I'm particularly interested in the inner pivot with the aluminium block(with spherical bearing) bolted to it. There seems to be 2 lengths of these. Does yours use the extended pickup point on the beam? (RS500 modification) Thanks for your help Carl Muller
  17. BTCC Terry Drury Racing Sierra

    Thanks Kieran for the well wishes. TDR were reasonably successful in '88 with Tim Harvey, maybe 3 cars was just to much! Cheers Carl

    Hi Andy, I believe Barry Sheene wrote off one of the RS500's. Brock built an Aus RS500, this could of been just a reshell of the wright off This car is at a Brock museum in Queensland. I regularly race against the ANZ Rouse 0587 RS500 in my Capri, Even beat it in the last two outings!! Cheers, Carl

    The Moffat ANZ RS500 was a 1987 Rouse car (RSCA 00587) and was in Aus for 2 rounds of the WTC, Bathurst and Calder. It went on to France after that. Moffat got 2 Egginberger RS500's for '88 and on. Brocks Mobil team got 2 Rouse RS500 Sierra's for 1989, maybe one of those was the Gravett "ICS" car. Cheers Carl

    Hi Andy, I can help with the 1988 Tim harvey car, With 99% certainty!, Harvey's '88 Sierra was a Terry Drury Racing RS500, in '89 Mike O'Brien took over this car with very little sponsorship, Coopers Gaskets, Autoglass... The team folded at the end of 1989. See car sale ad... This is the bit I,m only 99% certain of, The Harvey/O'Brien car was sold in 1991(?) to Nigel Mustell to be used as his Thundersaloon car. He started racing it fairly standard looking but progressivly added big wheels and guards. As for the build no., without seeing the car and any tags left on it, I can only guess using my TDR Sierra no. as a guid. Mine is the 3rd car, Donovans Blue Hawk RS500 Sierra. ( Can PM no.if you like) Hope this helps Cheers, Carl
  21. Group A front uprights

    Hi Paul, probably rally but have seen these in Group A tarmac/road racing. In the homologation papers shows these for RS500 earlier than your style. I believe the RS500 was only homologated for road/track racing. Will check dates of homologation tomorrow and get back to you. Carl
  22. Mag Group A rear arms

    Thanks Paul, that will be great. Carl
  23. BTCC Terry Drury Racing Sierra

    Hi Paul, Fin looks great! Be a little while before I glue it on!! have to get the paint on first. Carl
  24. Group A wheel bearings

    This is the bearing setup in my front end, you can see old bearings with bolts and the new bearing at front Cheers, Carl
  25. Group A front uprights

    Hi Paul, These are my front uprights Cheers, Carl