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  1. Help from any Aussie members

    No problem Paul, I will look into it this week and get back to you. Cheers Carl
  2. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Paul, it was Adrian Fu from Hong Kong who had the ex Edwards RS500 0188. He entered it in the Bathurst 1000 in 1992 but did not drive himself due to work comitments. Cheers, Carl
  3. Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Hi Lee, I,m pretty sure Edwards 0188 went to Asia and was raced at Macu, it also raced at Bathurst in early '90s.It kept the alloy cage. The car Andy Brass has is Edwards 0289, it then was Walker,s Rouse FAI/LUK 1990 car, It went on to be a Thundersaloon, Also it has the steel cage, 1989 was the first year this was made compulsory. Cheers Carl
  4. Hi Paul, The ANZ RS500 looks to have a normal Cosworth floor pan section, Does the Ti have a different floor pan? I know the XR4 does. Would they have changed so much?? Carl
  5. BTCC Terry Drury Racing Sierra

    Hi paul, Great to hear you found this site, bet you have some great stories! I have a hundred questions to ask you about my TDR RS500. Do you have any pictures? I saw your post on tentenths re cutting the rear trailing arms. Were they Rouse arms or did you make up your own? Any memories would be great to hear. I get the motor back from the rebuilders next week, Then get the ECU sorted and on a dyno. Cheers, Carl
  6. Happy New Year Guys Saw this in a local car sales mag!! Thought Paul L might like it!! (it the Listerine car) With the price quoted does not seem to want to sell it. Cheers Carl
  7. BMW STW

    Nice one Jim, once the bug bites its hard to stop at one, I have 2 Capri's and the RS500 with period race history, oh and also a Formula Vee. I think the Super Tourers are real trick cars. We had a series here in Aus during the late '90s, but all the bogans love the V8,s here!! It did not last. Hope you are all well and getting ready for Santa! Cheers, Carl
  8. Hi Guys, Found this on youtube http://youtu.be/4qjDBQBohtQ Cheers Carl
  9. Another cool clip, this time its DJR #4 and #5

    Well done Chris for having those cars out!! See you Sunday! Carl
  10. Something does not add up with this one, Brock brought 2 Rouse RS500's to Australia for the 1989 Australian Touring Car Championship in Jan 1989. One was the 1988 Kaliber Rouse RS500 ARE 0288, The car he used throu' 1989, This car had blue interior. The other was the 1988 Gravett ICS RS500, Rouse 1987 Cosworth/RS500, ICS plc , Blue interior. ARE RSC 0187 (?) ( The Second Rouse RS500 , Peter Hall car had a white interior) The second Brock Mobil RS500 was for Brad Jones, this is the car Barry Sheen wrote off. ARE RSC 0187(?) I dont believe this car was ever used again, most likely scrapped. The new RS500 was built (by Dencar) most likely using all the parts from the written off ARE RSC 0187(?) ARE 0288 got a steel cage at this time as well. So if ARE 0288 is in the UK and the newer rebuilt Brock Mobil RS500 is still owned by Peter Champion in his Brock collection in Queensland there can be no other Brock Mobil RS500 Sierra's?? If this person has bought the RS500 from Peter Champion then it may be OK I guess we need more details Cheers Carl
  11. Is there anybody out thereeeeeeeeeeee ?

    Its not raining in Aus , The suns just coming out Carl
  12. RS500 thermostat housing

    Paul, do you have a RS500 thermostat housing. Getting my Group A rs500 motor rebuilt at moment and need one for it , previously they had a cut back one with no thermostat in it. Or if anyone else has one , please let me know. Thanks Carl
  13. RS500 thermostat housing

    Thanks Paul.
  14. Hi Guys, We had a great weekend racing at Phillip Island , sun was shining 30deg C + every day, freshly resurfaced track gave improved laptimes for everyone. My Capri was fast but the RS500's we faster either winning or second in each of the 4 races. They battled with the Group A Skyline. Jim, spoke with Ed this weekend all is moving OK with plans for next year. Some Pic's 1992 Caltex RS500 Graham Goode RS500 Ex Benson and Hedges Wolf RS500 Enjoy! Cheers, Carl
  15. Phillip Island Classic historic racing in Australia

    Hi Paul, Yes, lakeside 2 years ago was a great weekend, Iwas very disappointed not to be there a few weeks ago, i have just bought a new business (Volkswagon service and repair!!) and couldn,t get away so soon after taking over. I am limited to Victorian meetings this year, so next outing willbe Sandown Historics in November. Its good to see Bryan Sala driving his old Sierra, I think he wanted it in the B&H colours, but could not have the later mods in that livery. Yes I still have my RS500,and it kills me not having it going, now with the new business I will have the funds to get it moving, The motor is of being rebuilt, shortly I will send the getrag and 9" to be rebuilt. The body has been at a body shop waiting to be jigged. If all goes to plan,maybe Phillip Is 2014 Cheers Carl
  16. Hi Jim, All good here, going into winter, have to dig out that jumper! We had a Group A/C category meeting this week, and starting to get next years calender worked out. Of most interest to you would be that there is an option of Bathurst race meeting over Easter '14. There is also slight possibility of supporting the F1 GP early Marchin Melbourne. The consensis in that we cannot do both for cost and timing reasons. Usually we have a Historic meeting at Phillip Island the week before the GP so that would be 3 expensive meetings in 8 weeks The category has given the GP Corp untill end of July to decide if we are invited to GP , if not Bathurst is on for Easter, which I think most would prefer. Talking to Ed the other night, he said he still needs to know details of cars and drivers who might come. Cams(Confederation of Australian Motorsport) Historic Commision is quite strict that all cars follow homologation papers for year and chosen race car represents. Hope this helps some Cheers, Carl I think Ed wants to make sure everyone understands this.
  17. WOLF SIERRA HWRT 1987 005

    Well done Martin! you must be very happy Cheers, Carl
  18. Buying a house ,,what a nightmare

    I know what you mean Paul, I am buying a new Business at moment and as well as solicitors, I have to deal with accountants!! Cheers, Carl
  19. Zytek Engine Management

    Hi Andy, All good over here, hope you are too. It does have the two dials, for mixture & ignition, on the tag at the front has some numbers, em2 and an ARE number. I don,t seem to have any loom with it, also there is a small die cast aluminium box with a connection at one end as well. Those contact numbers would be great when you get a moment. Now the dumb questions!! Have you ever had to change mapping?? Do you know how to identify what eprom is in it?? Does the Zytek plug into the main ecu or do they work alongside ?? The unit that looks like an old mobile phone you have on your dash, I have one to in my car, does it work with the Zytek or is it just a temp gauge?? Cheers Carl
  20. My New Toy. Build 463.

    Well done Paul, she looks a beaut. Cheers Carl
  21. brocks rs500 and a whole lot more..

    no problem Roy! Cheers,Carl
  22. brocks rs500 and a whole lot more..

    Hi Paul, I'm sure Brock's 05 car in this story became the second car, car 105, and he got the new one, and it became car 05. I would be sure that the new car would be one of the older shells, Don Smith bought these shells into Aus, and as you say for the Caltex team, also the Oxo cars. When were the new shells released in 1989?? The story is from Aug '89 so it would of happened some months before. Seems maybe to early for the newer shells. As a side note, Don Smith was the co-driver and importer of my Mk3 Capri that raced at the Bathurst 1000 in 1980. He drove my Capri in most of the Australian Touring Car Championship through 1980 also. Unfortunately he passed away last year, I met him the year before and he saw my Capri that I restored back to 1980 spec, he was very impressed. Cheers, Carl Cheers, Carl
  23. brocks rs500 and a whole lot more..

    Hi Martin and Andy, I believe there was 3 cars in total, with one being written off. The one in the collection for sale I believe is the last Aus built car, possibly using lots of the parts from the written off shell. The first to cars had the aluminium roll cages, so this is maybe when 05 and the new shell got steel cages ?? Found this in a local magazine from the time... Happy Reading Cheers, Carl
  24. Hi Jim, We category meeting last night, spoke with Ed Singleton about your coming to Aus, he said he is still waiting on info of drivers details (?). He is talking to organisers re which races would be appropiate. We are still unsure of our own fixture at this stage. I will keep chasing it up this end Cheers Carl
  25. Hi Guys, Paul S got me thinking about lesser known liveries here in Aus. So I went through my Bathurst 1000 books and this is what I found. 1991, Ex B&H (2nd Wolf RS500) 1993, Ex B&H (2nd Wolf RS500) now non turbo 3dr spec 1994, Ex B&H (2nd Wolf RS500) now non turbo 3dr spec 1993 Ex Peter Jackson RS500 now non turbo 3dr spec 1992, This is ex Guy Edwards Rouse Kaliber RS500 from 1989(?) It was sold to Adrian Fu and raced in Macau, he was supposed to race at Bathurst, but was not able to get there.This info was from the 1992 bathurst 1000 annual, if someone knows different or more great to hear. Cheers Carl