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  1. I have owned,raced & maintained this car since 2003. I brought it from a friend of a friend & it was already yellow !! He bought it of a guy by the name of Christian waite Who had picked it up from out in Malaysia, Christian then stripped it and nut & bolt rebuilt it ! Then painted it in its present colour ! It is still in 1988 spec except for modern day safety requirements. ,,Eg roll cage seat belts fire extinguisher exhaust silencing etc,, . It is a Andy Rouse Engineering built car with chassis number ARE0388 built in April 1988, it was driven by Laurence Bristow, ( More well known as the driver of one of the Labatts cars ) Lawrance shared the 1 hour race at donnington park with Tim Harvey & got the cars best result that year of second !! The car is one of the most origonal BTCC Cars left today and is still used as it should be and gives me the thrill that only a GEN RS500 car can I will try to post pictures of it's original livery and its present colour. Regards Andy
  2. Silverstone Classic

    Well a few days to go & the start of a hopefully good weekend. Great event with great company. if anybody else is going to the Silverstone classic come & see us be great to catch up. Andy Edit Options
  3. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Well a few days to go & the start of a hopefully good weekend. Great event with great company. if anybody else is going to the Silverstone classic come & see us be great to catch up. Andy
  4. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Well it's now March & already the year has been really busy. It's been nice to do the shows & have lovely feed back about my own car & everyone else's that have been present. The next event will be one of the high lights of the year being The 75th Goodwood Members Meeting where there will be a large group of " Group A " cars out together could be 10 RS 500's so plenty of photograph opportunity's. Silverstone classic should be good as usual etc I'll try & get a list up of events for the year so may be we can have some visitors. Regards Andy
  5. A little bit of history found

    What a great find Paul that'll be a enjoyable project to do .
  6. Rouse cars

    Great pictures smudge
  7. 4k UHD Videos from the NEC

    Very good Rupert
  8. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Hi Kieran not much will be changed had to fit new master switch & fire extinguisher battery connector but have engine & gearbox rebuilds still on going . Hoping to have a spare engine so I can put the original rouse spec. (500 block & original head ) to one side. Shall be at autosport show at the start of the year which should be great with a large collection of touring rs500's ! andy
  9. Super Touring Car Trophy

    Hi Kieran sorry for the delay in answering !! Issues with the car .......... Just before Silverstone there was the Brands Hatch round of the super tourers I let the guy who has very kindly lent me his gearbox do the race & the engine failed ! So I swoped it for the engine that was in the black car at Silverstone unfortunately my set ( 8 injectors old school turbo etc ) Zytec wouldn't run it properly & the head had a small crack ! So over night I went back got a head put it back together but couldn't source a head gasket & even though it was a WRC one it leaked so a very frustrating weekend. But now the guy is putting his engine in with his gearbox & he's running it on the 5/6 nov at Silverstone hopefully all ok ! & yes sponsors are the answer for sure. I'm hoping that my gearbox & engine will be ready for refitting for the new year :-) regards andy
  10. Motorsport monsters

    Nice feature about the RS500 in Motorsport News this week. Nice to hear the opinion of a current BBTC driver Andrew Jordan & well written by Kevin Turner.
  11. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Hi Jerry hope you're well ? I have found a couple of pictures with your car in the background. Must have been as you were coming up to lap Lawrence ??!
  12. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Well I am pleased to say that a very good friend / racer has kindly lent me a gearbox. I am very grateful as I've been able to do the Silverstone classic media day where I had Andrew Jordan driving the car with very good comments on its performance & speed considering it is a original car. It will be a feature in the near future in motoring news. So please keep your eyes peeled lol. I also had a great time up in Scotland with Paul doing ford live at knockhill great fun & Mr L had a spin in the old girl see what he thought !! Well the main thing he came back with it complete & plenty of side ways action out of the hair pin lol. Now for the future a few races & track days ..... & get my own gearbox too ! I'll sort out some pictures too. Regards Andy
  13. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Hi Jerry, Laurence's old car is typical of a rouse car took me ages to get it to handle especially as I entered a series ( ford saloon car championship) that had control tyres basically road legal tyres that with the stiff suspension were a scary ride ! Softened it off by about a third made all the difference = allowed the car with the camber to roll over through the corners to achieve maximum grip ( Dunlops ) but put Dunlop slicks on slightly stiffen it up & oh my word you have to be brave to believe that you can do some of the corners & "the wets " Jerry the grip from the modern wets is madness !! Lol & for you and all your fellow drivers from the day to be on the old style of rubber we're all Heros for sure !! regards Andy
  14. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    hi jerry, fantastic pictures & a good photo of lawrence as it is a very rare thing to see him with out his helmet on ! i see there was cam shipping on your car, was this a sponsor that lawrence had as it was on my car too, do they still exsist, do you know? I"d love to get a chance to speak to lawerence about his old car lets hope he may read this & respond ...... andy
  15. Steering Racks

    Non power rack with spacers on the steering rack ends in side the gaiters that restricted the amount of lock so the wheels tyres don't hit ( wheel anti roll bar tyres bumper & inner arches )
  16. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Next problem broken gearbox !! Snapped main shaft :-( anyone help open to suggestions regards Andy
  17. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Here you go Mark at last lol from the left straight through 118 do middle 109 db & three silencers 104 db !!
  18. Couple Pics from Ford Fair.

    The cars are very similar & quite close on performance !! My passenger was expressing a few choice words about being a bit to close sometimes ..... Lol. Just a shame forgot to turn on the onboard camera.
  19. Silverstone Classic 2015

    Well, with fingers crossed I'm hoping to do Silverstone classic again this year :-) but with the engine sat on a engine stand & list of jobs that doesn't seem to get any smaller I will have a busy few weeks ahead !! Hopefully there will be a few people there who will come & say hi that would be great. Andy
  20. Silverstone Classic 2015

    He's fine Paul, I've been to quite a few shows. Probably because they've not been in Kent is why I haven't seen u Paul lol Craig is entered & may be one of martins cars out but that's all I've heard about. Regards Andy
  21. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Well it's that time of year again !! Off with the covers & a full check over !! First for a show then for a track day :-) & yes mark whilst it's on the ramp I'll line the exhausts up for a photo for you luv ! X any other pictures whilst I've got on the ramp sweetness ;-) lol Regards Andy
  22. And Away We Go :)

    Ok honey x
  23. And Away We Go :)

    Great job Mark :-)