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  1. I have owned,raced & maintained this car since 2003. I brought it from a friend of a friend & it was already yellow !! He bought it of a guy by the name of Christian waite Who had picked it up from out in Malaysia, Christian then stripped it and nut & bolt rebuilt it ! Then painted it in its present colour ! It is still in 1988 spec except for modern day safety requirements. ,,Eg roll cage seat belts fire extinguisher exhaust silencing etc,, . It is a Andy Rouse Engineering built car with chassis number ARE0388 built in April 1988, it was driven by Laurence Bristow, ( More well known as the driver of one of the Labatts cars ) Lawrance shared the 1 hour race at donnington park with Tim Harvey & got the cars best result that year of second !! The car is one of the most origonal BTCC Cars left today and is still used as it should be and gives me the thrill that only a GEN RS500 car can I will try to post pictures of it's original livery and its present colour. Regards Andy
  2. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Has the shell now Kieran he’s just finishing a few jobs then it is in for work.
  3. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Hi Kieran has been a slow process .........! It’s got to a point that it’s was getting me down to be honest. So I had a long chat with Paul & he is the known specialist in the RS500 scene so he is now doing the restoration. Leaves me free to do work to concentrate on other things knowing it’s in good hands. & to keep my sanity lol
  4. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Now the shell was ready to be soda/sand blasted
  5. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Then as pieces are removed the different paint schemes start to appear.
  6. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Some bits over the years had been added seat mounts passenger seat mounts. They’ve been removed to get the floor pan straightened where ramden jacking had occured. It’s quite amazing how many little brackets clips wiring mountings there are to remove.
  7. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Gearbox & diff are recently rebuilt. They will go straight back in after a clean. Suspension will be a separate rebuild section because they will be back to individual components checked & replaced as necessary.
  8. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Engine out ! this is the rouse RS 500 spec engine with 205 small core pluged block ( YBD ) it is marked with ARE—89E694 & the original Zytec engine management & mechanical fuel pump. These as they are the original spec for the car need to be preserved. So are being bubble wrapped & stored.
  9. Cam Shipping 30 years old rebuild time

    Quite long as I’m doing it as I can afford it.
  10. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    So the start of the restoration I am going to put this into the restoration part of the forum. With a few pictures here to give up dates.
  11. Cam shipping 1988 BTCC car " Rouse built "

    Then finally after a crunch in the rear a change back to its original colour although still yellow everywhere else