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  1. RS500/3dr Parts

    Hi Paul, you our got anything left mate? Daz......
  2. Nice one Paul , get the pics up when you get it pal , will be mint anyway......
  3. My new toy.

    ha ha i know
  4. I spoke too soon in my last post mate.... Nice one , if I need to sell my car ever , I'll let you do it mate , you have the golden touch.....when you getting the Escort?
  5. My new toy.

    Hi mate , I'm still about , the cars all ok , it's not been out since Silverstone 25th anniversary. Not doing anything with it at the moment , still in original condition....so it's all good up here... Anyway when you selling this car? Ha ha ..... Daz
  6. My new toy.

    It's a nice car Paul, a guy not far from me restored it , I spoke to him a few times.....
  7. My 500

    Cheers Mark...
  8. My 500

    Thanks Paul , not had mine out mate since Silverstone 2012.....
  9. My 500

    Cheers Paul , I'm always here mate lurking in the background.....
  10. My 500

    You know it makes sense Paul......
  11. My 500

    Just thought I'd put a couple of mine up , we all love pics don't we.... [img width=447 height=600]http://i1322.photobucket.com/albums/u577/moonstone500/imagejpg2_zps4d2bcc90.jpg [img width=800 height=596]http://i1322.photobucket.com/albums/u577/moonstone500/imagejpg4_zps574dfaa2.jpg
  12. Aqua Blasting??

    Nice is that Paul Daz....
  13. 3dr Door Cards

    Ok Mark, thanks for letting me know mate
  14. 3dr Door Cards

    As above I'm wanting a pair of nice (MINT if possible) Door cards. If you know of any available please let me know CheeRS Daz
  15. Exhaust - F.A.O Paul L

    Good Quality these Mickey, you'll be impressed when you get one. I was sceptical until I got one. I wouldn't recommend them if they were rubbish. Mine runs fine , my car is standard, no mods only a K&N air filter... Daz....