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  1. Ford heritage workshop visit

    Hi yes I would like to have a look. Steve.
  2. Sad times

    Terry drury sadly died on Wednesday this week.He built a few rs500 touring cars in the eighties with his company Terry Drury Racing.I got to know well through my work and he really helped me out rebuilding the engine in my 500 after another so called engineer ripped me off and messed the engine up.Very talented nice person who will be missed by me and a lot of people.
  3. Well I say it every year,"I am gonna try to use it loads this year" but again only done a trip to the MOT and 1 or 2 short runs out.I have just re taxed mine again so am gonna make a big push to use it and make some shows and am not going to let work get in the way as I have done in the past.