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  1. Sierra Bottom Rubber Spoiler

    No longer needed Spoiler located and on the way
  2. Sierra Bottom Rubber Spoiler

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a bottom rubber spoiler for a 3 door. Same as the 500 ones but without the V cut for the whaletail. If you have the non genuine 500 type spoiler it can have the V cut or without im not fussed as long as its in very good condition. A genuine 500 one could be out of reach price wise but try me with whatever you have. Thanks
  3. Modded rs500"s , have they gone forever

    That car would be top of my list if i could get myself in a position to buy one. From the first time i seen it outside your work shop i wanted it
  4. How many RS 500s in Ireland

    So thats 9 500s that are locked away and must never go to any shows. Such a pity they dont get them out and about. Cheers for the info
  5. Resto of my white rs500 #423

    Has to be up at the top of the pile that one... Stunning car....
  6. My Cars

    Cracking cars, still kick myself for not buying your old black one a few years back Paul... Where did it end up did it head over the pond
  7. no 175

    Looks lovely that m8..
  8. I have always wondered how many 500s are in ireland. I know of only 3 that i have seen at shows over the years but im sure there are more hidden away that never see the light of day. Are many that live here registered with RSOC UK ? What i tend to find with the 500s here are they are owned by the older gentlemen who have no connection to any car club and all cars are still on uk plates...
  9. Seized RS500 at auction

    Would it make 30-40k would someone pay that sort of money with it been in a police auction ?? If it were me id hold off and buy one that came from a better source...
  10. Black in a 500, white in a 3 door for some reason.....
  11. Welcome all

    Long over due Paul, good to see a proper site for the 500s. Far to many "hear say" comments on other sites when people ask for info about 500s.