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  1. Escort RS 2000 (LHD)

    Hey! I knew that car Hope you'll find a nice 3dr (or mk2 ) in 2015 Roy!
  2. I'm still after a good rustfree sunroof :'( maybe I'll find one in 2015... And I want to clean my injectors this year (again) and save some money so that I can bring it to Paul for an under the bonnet resto
  3. My RS500 #47

    Bought it in 2011 from Mr. Linfoot The car had seen some serious updates since I've bought it, but I'm still not quite happy with the result. I want to make it even better then it already is. Unfortunately it's hard to find parts :-\ I've won a concours contest at The European Ford Event 2 times (2013 and 2014) Some pic's [img width=450 height=600]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/MrCossie/Sierra%20RS500%20Cosworth/IMG_8999_zps8cab6a79.jpg [img width=450 height=600]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/MrCossie/Sierra%20RS500%20Cosworth/IMG_9047_zps1945c9ee.jpg And a pic with some of my other toys
  4. Hi Guys, I visited a guy who worked at, and raced a private owned Eggenberger build car. The car was raced by Bouwman, and Kuijer. It was in private hands till around 1990. What happened with the car it un known Maybe some one of you guys have an idea? He only had 2 pictures for now, but he said to me that he would search for some more. [img width=800 height=600]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/MrCossie/IMG_9126_zpsa0851a17.jpg
  5. Hey Guys, There's a very nice looking white rs500 for sale in Italy. Can't see a number unfortunately. It's not mine. http://www.autoscout24.nl/Details.aspx?id=238042988&asrc=st%7Csr&a=1
  6. Said it before and ill say it again

    I don't have enough time for internet...but I'm busy (as always) with my other Ford's to get them in an as good as possible shape.
  7. Looks like a nice original car. What's the number of this one??
  8. Hi Guys, Just seen that number 458 is for sale in Germany. Looks like a nice car, with first paint (as he writes). http://suchen.mobile.de/auto-inserat/ford-sierra-ford-sierra-rs-500-cosworth-wuppertal/186599786.html?lang=de&pageNumber=2&__lp=2&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=price.consumerGrossEuro&makeModelVariant1.makeId=9000&makeModelVariant1.modelId=36&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&minPowerAsArray=147&minPowerAsArray=KW&negativeFeatures=EXPORT NOTE: It's not mine, so don't email me
  9. Underside of the rs500

    Hi guys, Who has a good picture (or more then one) of the underside from an original rs500. I'm planning to do an small resto of the underside, and I was wondering how the 500 looked when it was new
  10. Wheel problem...can't decide

    The car doesn't get used often...I've driven about 600km in 2,5 year (that's included the trip from the UK back home)...
  11. I've got a problem with my rs500. I can't choose what wheels I want to put on it The original ones, or BBS replica's (7,5" front, 8,5"rear) What do you guys think? Original: BBS-replica
  12. All 3

    Paul... I'm jealous... What a stunning collection of rs500's. How many miles have they done?
  13. Moonstone Blue RS500 Cosworth9 ( SOLD )

    Hi Paul! A shame you'll have to sell it! It's a stunning car...if I only had the money it would be in my garage today! The best color for a Rs500 IMO
  14. Another Aussie enthusiast

    Hi Paul! Welcome here!