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  1. Silverstone Classic 2015

    is lui on track
  2. Silverstone Classic

    i have the same wheels with 7.5 front 205 40 17 and rear 215 40 17 . it only hits the rear arches when i get throttle happy .
  3. so who is sorted for silverstone classic ?

    im going sat+sun .
  4. Silverstone classic ,,,,Urgent

    count me in thanks.
  5. silverstone classic 2013

    any news yet on stand .my mum wants to book her tickets while offer is on .to chat up paul s.ha ha
  6. Sunroof Seals

    iwill have 1 wayne
  7. Change of user name..

    hi paul now the user name change this must be a keeper ?
  8. Moonstone Blue

    i will have a go at the weekend but please bear with me i can't spell well and i know little about it.
  9. silverstone classic 2013

    i can remember your white 1 it used to be in a garage with mine . love your blue 1 looks very nice again now.
  10. silverstone classic 2013

    i think primer may be colour of the day ha ha.
  11. silverstone classic 2013

    hi all who is going/is there a stand for us .
  12. idle screw

    i have got some idle screws any 1 needs i pm me .wayne
  13. Silverstone classic roll call

    wayne white 500. 432 sat+sun on the stand.