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    looking good Paul . Really good job on the locks
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    Great job Paul, i bet you sleep thinking about 3dr 500s lol.
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    gona be a special car for sure , top work as always Paul mate
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    Wow, thanks for sharing Paul, I can totally understand how good that must of been!!!
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    99269 returning to UK from holiday in NZ
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    Hi All. I purchased a collection of photographs from eBay a while back, and thought I would share this one. Jerry may like to see it also? Tarmac paddock, so must be one of the bigger circuits. Roger Dowson leaning on the boot spoiler. Regards.
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    What a great find Paul that'll be a enjoyable project to do .
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    And a little freebee for the customer a good steam clean under the bonnet
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    Good news. I'm going to try and get there with the Brock car but it's a big ask at such short notice. Watch this space...
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    I saw this on ebay and fancied it myself Great project Marcus ,
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    A stunning display of truly iconic cars. Wish I'd attended now Well done you should be well pleased. Next time you want the car cleaning properly give me a shout ;-)
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    Saved all pics and made a desktop slideshow on my computer
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    You should be very proud of getting together a fantastic collection of the beasts from all over the world. The RS500 fully deserves its place in motorsport history. All of the pics I have seen so far look superb.
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    Looked totally awesome Paul, would have loved to come visit, but it would have made me want to buy another one, congratulations to you for sorting the stand, really hope we can see them out on track at some point. All the best Paul.
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    Bit of a set back but worth doing it now than regretting it later when it all back together.
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    You can almost build a 500 with new parts Good job again Paul!
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    Thats the baby :-) it was the 1987 GP support race so would have still been 3dr spec like the pic as it was before August.
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    Thats great news Paul well done for getting it sorted.
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    Cheers Mark . Its testing me at the moment but still enjoying building it the best I can . Doddy thanks for comment . I used a camera to get an exact match of the paint for my underside topcoat colour . But if you look at my pictures of my underside in Epoxy Primer that is RAL 7035 Light Grey and it is a good colour match . Get a aerosol and test it before you do the full job .
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    Hi all I am still in italy now the rs 500 needed a lot of work and money spent on it.iI came to buy the csi group a I thought I had a good budget but prices were crazy a load of us from the uk sat together all were there to buy various cars nobody got anything the romour was that there were 15000 bidders registered all paying 100 euro each for sure people got carried away but it's is the biggest auction ever in Europe there was some fantastic stuff there
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    Confirmed now it's still in Germany. Raced in the DTM and the 2nd Grab car
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    Wow that's amazing Paul, how long till yours is stripped down looking that good again?.
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    My hat goes off to you Sir, what a difference :-)
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    Fan bloody tastic work Paul, really appreciate the effort you're putting in ;-)
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    Good job on the underside Paul . Brings back all the fun times I had when I did mine .ha ha
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    Thanks Cossie 500 for the image it was a big piece of the jigsaw the car still has Music by Quart on the dash. We believe the car was also used in the 1990 JTCC car number 11 Object-T Trampio driven by Hisashi Yokoshima but posted images also show him driving what appears to be a eggenberger car with the same livery, same season but with a white interior so still need to do further homework. The interior was black as Rob has just posted and it does have the "Rouse cut out" on the LH guard. Andy has emailed us advising it was built as a LHD car for a Swedish customer, Logically I searched CMS race history / images but they don't stack up. Needing help on the last piece of the jigsaw...
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    I am pretty sure that the car Andy did the French series with Ferte in was a LHD car that he built ???? Unless anyone knows better.
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    a video of GGR 88001 being driven in anger (on the track) in Australia. driven by Craig Markland.
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