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    Restoration of Rs500 #406

    looking good Paul . Really good job on the locks
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    cossie rs500

    rs500 ex wolf

    new photo discovered
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    3 door Cosworth rebuild

    Great job Paul, i bet you sleep thinking about 3dr 500s lol.
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    Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    99269 returning to UK from holiday in NZ
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    Jerry Mahony Arquati Photograph

    Hi All. Thanks for the comments. Hi Jerry - Yes it came as a set of photos from 1989. The guy on the scooter, looks like he is looking at a time sheet perhaps? I have another photo to show you all from a friend of mine, who has kindly given me permission to post. Taken at Brands Hatch, 1989. Heading out towards the back of the circuit. Best Regards. Photo credit: A.Clegg.
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    Jerry Mahony Arquati Photograph

    Hi All. I purchased a collection of photographs from eBay a while back, and thought I would share this one. Jerry may like to see it also? Tarmac paddock, so must be one of the bigger circuits. Roger Dowson leaning on the boot spoiler. Regards.
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    Tailgate Painted
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    3 door Cosworth rebuild

    Looking good Paul .
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    RS 500 Registrar

    Underside refresh

    And a little freebee for the customer a good steam clean under the bonnet
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    Good news. I'm going to try and get there with the Brock car but it's a big ask at such short notice. Watch this space...
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    Thats one hell of a project mate
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    Yet another NEC report

    Saved all pics and made a desktop slideshow on my computer
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    The rs500 stand at the NEC

    You did really well Paul. I only heared very good comments on the stand and turn out of cars.
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    The restoration of DJR2

    Bit of a set back but worth doing it now than regretting it later when it all back together.
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    Pistonheads rs500 artical

    Indeed, the cars deserve it
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    Pistonheads rs500 artical

    Well done big lad
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    bugger! used to be some good deals in the past, might have to exercise the moths in my wallet then :-)
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    Power steering cooler pipes (new)

    You can almost build a 500 with new parts Good job again Paul!
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    Thats the baby :-) it was the 1987 GP support race so would have still been 3dr spec like the pic as it was before August.
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    Thats great news Paul well done for getting it sorted.
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    Some good parts on the 500, you will be able to do these in your sleep now mate
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Now that are some rare pics
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    Paul B

    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Wow that's amazing Paul, how long till yours is stripped down looking that good again?.
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    Bonnet prep and prime
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    Restoration of #389

    Fan bloody tastic work Paul, really appreciate the effort you're putting in ;-)
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    A new car found

    Thanks Cossie 500 for the image it was a big piece of the jigsaw the car still has Music by Quart on the dash. We believe the car was also used in the 1990 JTCC car number 11 Object-T Trampio driven by Hisashi Yokoshima but posted images also show him driving what appears to be a eggenberger car with the same livery, same season but with a white interior so still need to do further homework. The interior was black as Rob has just posted and it does have the "Rouse cut out" on the LH guard. Andy has emailed us advising it was built as a LHD car for a Swedish customer, Logically I searched CMS race history / images but they don't stack up. Needing help on the last piece of the jigsaw...
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Looks great Paul
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    A new car found

    Is the inside black?
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    cossie rs500

    A new car found

    what about this?
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    Jerry Mahony

    A new car found

    I am pretty sure that the car Andy did the French series with Ferte in was a LHD car that he built ???? Unless anyone knows better.
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    Restoration of #389

    Looking good Paul ;-)
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    Paul B

    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Looking good paul.
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    Will Graham Goode be involved in this?
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    Manuel Reuter xr4ti

    Great looking xr4ti their, I like them on par with the rs500's
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    Hi from NZ Yes as you guys have finally worked out, there are 2 Texaco liveried cars here (unless the ex MJ car has been sold in last few months!!). Neil M (Ford Dealer in North Island) owns the ex MJ car. He did buy it from UK. The car has been re-restored and is immaculate. The car has been run at a few historic events since. It has been in a lot of magazine articles recently......pictured in an old workshop. The other car (liveried as 7, in photos next to RS200) is located in the South Island. It is quoted that this car is the one that was the Bathurst "winner" and then went on to win the Wellington street race a few weeks later. I have not seen this car in the flesh but have seen photos of it being run at different events. I hope that clears that up and gets rid of the mis-information above.
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    Found then vanished again RS500s

    Hi cossie, After reading and adding bits to tentenths you soon realise that you can't believe everything on there, the Greece quote was wrong, Mountune sold engines to lot's of people and parts from different supplier's ended up everywhere, as teams came in and out of racing the spares spread. This site has the best level of information I have found anywhere. Andy
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    Moonstone blue RS500 for sale

    Nice honest example, if i can get mine looking as good as that i will be happy.
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    RS500 Touring Car rear spindles are now completed
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    Looks pukka Paul, very user friendly
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    great stuff, it looks like the bug is fixed. anyways, here is my car
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    RS500/3dr Parts

    Here you go Roy,i bought a few bits off them including a grille seal with no problems http://www.motomobil.com/the-motomobil-catalogue,7929.html at the bottom of page 4
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    Thanks for adding the profile pic of me mate fpmsl
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    but not so great news for people who paid a bloody fortune for new ones in recent years and stashed them away! I guess its lucky this company did not just keep very quiet and then sell one set a month on ebay for a grand plus a set As an aside, after xmas I am probably going to start making carbon kevlar reproduction RS500 front bumpers, they will look/ fit exactly as the originals (rather than the wonky fibreglass bare shells currently out there just meant for rally cars). All internal fitting, brackets etc will be remade in carbon kevlar, so it will be just a case of fit them on as normal, and once fitted you would never know they are copies. They will be painted either white/black/moonstone, no plans to do bare carbon ones. Add a set of these splitters and bobs your uncle and alternative the originals if an owner wanted to take them off and store them away, or a 3dr owner wants to upgrade. I may then make a start on front grills/rear upper and lower fins and bodykits in painted carbon kevlar if the bumpers are popular. Just a hobby thing so wont be available in large quantities.
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    New website up and running

    Looking good Paul
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    Cracking job Paul pal , and IMO easier to read than the new Rsoc format lol..
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    WRC - Group A Compression Struts (New) £450
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    Cosworth WRC - Group A Rear Anti Roll Bar Set-Up (New) All parts are brand new and have been anodised, zinc plated and powder coated. £650
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    Cosworth WRC - Group A Front Anti Roll Bar Set-Up (New) All parts are brand new and have been anodised, zinc plated and powder coated. £650