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    RS 500 Registrar

    New owner of DJR 1

    I have added my own touches to this icon now fitted the BBS wheels that the car did run in period painted the front splitter red and added the motor craft sticker
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    Totaly original rs500 for sale

    Can't believe how fast these cars keep selling.
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    Good luck with the sale Paul!
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    Thanks Roy , still work to do but its been long overdue , when you love Rs500's you Love em
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    3 door Cosworth rebuild

    Great job Paul, i bet you sleep thinking about 3dr 500s lol.
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    Paul B

    Goodwood members meeting videos

    Wow, thanks for sharing Paul, I can totally understand how good that must of been!!!
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    What a great find Paul that'll be a enjoyable project to do .
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    RS 500 Registrar

    Underside refresh

    And a little freebee for the customer a good steam clean under the bonnet
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    The rs500 stand at the NEC

    You did really well Paul. I only heared very good comments on the stand and turn out of cars.
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    The restoration of DJR2

    Bit of a set back but worth doing it now than regretting it later when it all back together.
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    Pistonheads rs500 artical

    Indeed, the cars deserve it
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    Pistonheads rs500 artical

    Well done big lad
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    Me too Paul, but it will be worth it mate.
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    PAUL S

    Fantastic DJR workshop pictures

    Love unstaged period pics like these
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    Heaven paul. Well done mate. Will see you there.
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    Thats great news Paul well done for getting it sorted.
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    Some good parts on the 500, you will be able to do these in your sleep now mate
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    Andy Rouse chassis Numbers

    Yeah. The forum doesn't like my phone mate. It's always been fine from my computer. I'll post it off my laptop today
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Now that are some rare pics
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    Restoration of #389

    My hat goes off to you Sir, what a difference :-)
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    Restoration of #389

    Good job on the underside Paul . Brings back all the fun times I had when I did mine .ha ha
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    A new car found

    Thanks Cossie 500 for the image it was a big piece of the jigsaw the car still has Music by Quart on the dash. We believe the car was also used in the 1990 JTCC car number 11 Object-T Trampio driven by Hisashi Yokoshima but posted images also show him driving what appears to be a eggenberger car with the same livery, same season but with a white interior so still need to do further homework. The interior was black as Rob has just posted and it does have the "Rouse cut out" on the LH guard. Andy has emailed us advising it was built as a LHD car for a Swedish customer, Logically I searched CMS race history / images but they don't stack up. Needing help on the last piece of the jigsaw...
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    PAUL S

    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Is this you in your new matching Clifford race suit Paul?
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Looks great Paul
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    Restoration of #389

    Looking good Paul ;-)
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    i'm jealous. I really wanted to buy this car last year although i couldnt find the funds to make it happen. best of luck with the car.
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    PS, I am still going to continue on with the research to confirm the history of the TLR car.
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    I have not yet confirmed which car but all evidence is pointing towards TLR2. I have had to put the purchase of this car or any other race car on hold for the moment. Last year, I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and at the time, the doctors orders were to cease all exercise. At the time, I was training for a hard enduro event in Romania - RedBull Romaniacs - The diagnosis came in in August - right when I was in the middle of training in preparation for the race this year (next month) - understandably, I had to cancel that aspiration and all other aspirations that involved any form of exercise (was not even allowed to walk a game of golf). As I had nothing else to do, I purchased the RS500 kind of fill a gap (also because of an old passion) - hence why I purchased a project car rather than a mint one, as I needed something to fill in my time. After getting the RS500, my old passion for motorsport took hold again and hence the interest in the TLR car (am also looking at building an improved production 3dr as I will have a spare engine in the next couple of weeks). The week before last, I saw the number 1 heart doc / professor in the country fully expecting to have to go under the knife and spend a number of months recovering however to my surprise, he gave me a semi all clear - I still have a serious and rare heart condition that will need surgery in a few years time, but has given me the go ahead to get back into exersize and as such, the go ahead to get back on track to do Romaniacs. Unfortunately, I have missed the sign up (and preparation) for this years event so have started training for next years event. Romaniacs is going to take up 100% of my focus for the next 13 months so there is little room in there for the TLR car. I am still going to get the Moonstone RS500 finished which is getting closer every day now but other than that, it will be riding and the gym for me for the next year as I am aiming to enter what is renowned as the hardest of the hard enduro races in the second highest class next year. Hopefully, once the race if out of the way, I can get back on track and who knows, maybe my old B&H car will still be on the market and I can get it then - lets see!
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    Will Graham Goode be involved in this?
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    Manuel Reuter xr4ti

    Great looking xr4ti their, I like them on par with the rs500's
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    Looks great and fantastic to be back in th uk where it belongs! Will take some serious work to get it back looking like it did originally.
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    Yes some cake, now you know why I'm 20 stone! The Donington event that the cake was given I am pretty sure was the event that Win Percy and Alan Grice appeared with the Skyline. Win was a great driver who mostly raced abroad in the late 80's a bit like Steve Soper, and Alan Grice was a larger than life character that seem to emanate from down under. I have a feeling that they had done Bathurst together, may have even won it. But that Nissan really put the cat among the pigeons, again it did not have the grunt of the RS500 but it handled really well. There is some quite good footage of it at Donington in that two driver race (we blew up, again!!). Ultimately it ate its rear tyres as I think it was running on Dunlops, but certainly raised a few eyebrows on the day. I thank you for your messages of encouragement it is nice to know that so many of you appreciate my memories from the racing days. Out of respect to my long suffering wife I could never write a book, because you only get the family rated stories on here, but some of the funniest and outrageous stories are the X rated ones that sadly I could never put on here. Strangely as I write this on the 14th May we are on the eve of my 61st birthday, some 29 years after those pictures were taken and I can remember it like yesterday, but it would appear that my memory may be a little selective. Here’s another related story to amuse you. Back in 1989 a few of us thought it would be a good idea to buy Karts to train on in the week, six of us as I remember, Robb G, Tim H, Laurence B, Vic L, Robbie Stirling (sports car driver) and Me. Anyway I was tasked with buying these Karts, we had decided to buy new identical 100 National Formula Karts and Tim suggested I should visit a shop/manufacturer called Dartford Karting. I drove down to Dartford one day and found this 'shop', it was like a little corner sweet shop but full of Karting goodies. I was in there for about 5 minutes before the guy asked me if I needed some help to which I replied, yes, I would like 6 chassis, 12 engines, 72 wheels with slicks and 16 wheels with wets, 6 stands and so it went on this long list of stuff. The guy stopped me midway and asked me if I was taking the p.ss? I explained to him the situation, he obviously thought I was completely mad, but once I gave him a cheque in payment he seemed to cheer up a bit and take things a bit more seriously. I organised for him to take all the completed Karts to Tilbury kart track two weeks later where we would take delivery of them and he with a couple of his guys would help us to run the engines in, as they were two strokes they had to be run in carefully with various mixture adjustments over an hour and a half.. When I had ordered all the chassis I had specified different colours I remember mine was red, Tim’s was blue,Vic’s was white, and then I’m not sure who had what colour but I know there was a black one and a green one and a yellow one. We ran these machines in at Tilbury that day and then proceeded to race each other, you can only imagine the shenanigan’s that went on. There are two or three amusing stories that I can tell you about these Karts that were played with on a weekly basis, but one is as follows. Tim Harvey who was an ex-karter and from our prospective was obviously the guy to beat in these karts. The karts were all identical and ran on identical controlled tyres. I could just about hold on to the back of Tim if I got behind him but could not get past him. After running these things a few times Tim thought we should enter a proper race with them, I for one was not that keen on it, but the next thing I knew Tim had entered 4 of us for the next race meeting at Tilbury. We did not have the correct RAC racing licence for Karts, but in view of the level of the licence’s we had the RAC gave us dispensation to run. The word soon got round the Karting fraternity that these BTCC boys were going to do a race. I could see we were going to be in for it to the extent that I had a big target embroidered on the back of one of my race suits that I was going to wear on the day. Having been forced into doing this race, I announced to the others that if I was going to do the race I was going to do it properly and that meant taking my race truck, awning and motorhome along with my full BTCC race crew! The other guys thought that was a great idea and followed suit, so not only did the Arquati race artic arrive, but also the Labatts one, Vic Lee’s artic and John's who ran Robbie’s sports car. The team’s arrived at Tilbury really early in morning and set up, the only problem was with all our equipment, trucks and motorhomes in the paddock there was not any room for anyone else. It really, really, p.ssed off a lot of people, but we all thought it was hilarious. By this time I had bought another couple of engines and spare chassis etc which was set up for the wet. We went out for the first heat and the other karters were all over us like a rash, everyone was determined to beat these jumped up Touring Car guys. In the first race I was half way up the grid and the races were rolling starts as the karts were fixed drive. I managed to jump the start really well and got up to about third and was immediately black flagged, which I ignored! On the back straight a lap later someone came alongside me and punted me straight off, I rocketed across the damp grass at full speed and hit a fence with the kart wrapping itself round one of the posts. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I thought it was hilarious but at the same time I had really bashed my shoulder and was in real pain. My mechanics ran over and lifted my kart up and took it back to the pits, it appeared to be bent like a banana. As I still had another heat to try and qualify for the final I told my mechanics to just take the engine off put it on the new chassis, and then put the bent chassis complete in the rubbish skip, it was done as a wind-up, but boy did it make people mad, nobody saw the funny side of my disposable Kart philosophy! Tim had done quite well in the 1st heat which did not go down well and it seemed that we were just making ourselves more unpopular by our lunatic behaviour. The Karters could not believe that we had just thrown out a complete chassis. I had my new chassis taken to the grid for my second heat, my shoulder was still painful but bearable. Tim and Vic were both well up the grid. So to the second rolling start, I stayed in position this time and once the flag dropped and I got to the first corner I knew I had a major problem, as I turned into the corner and braced myself against the wheel the pain in my shoulder was horrendous. I pulled into the pits and got out of the Kart, my racing was finished for the day. Tim went on to finish 3rd I think in the final and maintained the honour of the BTCC boys. For my part I went to the hospital on the way home and was x-rayed where it appeared I had broken my shoulder ! The postscript to this was that I had been more seriously injured in a tiny 100cc Kart than I had ever been in any of the proper high speed racing cars I raced, serves me right I here you say. Well we were never invited back to do another Kart race, Motoring News if I remember correctly did a piece on it that week which was abit of a blast. We continued with the Karts through the season and winter of 89/90. There are some really funny stories that happened with these wizzers. Including a midnight race on the road that involved a few of us! But that’s for another time. Sorry haven't got any pictures of the karts.
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    Awsome van Paul
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    Found then vanished again RS500s

    Hi cossie, After reading and adding bits to tentenths you soon realise that you can't believe everything on there, the Greece quote was wrong, Mountune sold engines to lot's of people and parts from different supplier's ended up everywhere, as teams came in and out of racing the spares spread. This site has the best level of information I have found anywhere. Andy
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    Kelleners rs500 kraft sponsoring
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    PAUL S

    Fantastic pictures

    Never seen that mix of sponsors before, must be good fun researching the cars former life Paul
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    Please put some pics up Roy I love Cosworths but won't pay the high price, so will stick to my Focus RS mk1
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    RS500 Touring Car rear spindles are now completed
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    Restoration of Moonstone #466

    2015-11-27 Another mini update. Picked up the new front brake rotors during the week and took an hour off work today to get them fitted - Is nice to have a smooth brake pedal now and I think it may have fixed some of the quirks that were coming from the ABS pump as there is no pulsing in the system now to upset things. I dont think there will be much else done on the car this weekend as we have All Ford Day on Sunday which will keep me busy most of the day.
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    New website up and running

    Gone are the days when I had to post your pics for you.. proud of you lol
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    great stuff, it looks like the bug is fixed. anyways, here is my car
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    RS500/3dr Parts

    Here you go Roy,i bought a few bits off them including a grille seal with no problems http://www.motomobil.com/the-motomobil-catalogue,7929.html at the bottom of page 4
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    RS 500 Registrar

    Antenna Style / Placement

    Ben there just a std electric unit Paul
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    Restoration of Moonstone #466

    After picking up the car last night and getting a flat on the way home (car had an original jack in the boot but no tools to get the wheels off!) it seems that the tyres on the car have been on there over 16 years and may be just a little hard, so add 4 new tyres to the list of things to do Will get a photo shoot and report done over the next couple of days and see where the starting point is from there.
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    New website up and running

    Looking good Paul
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    RS 500 Registrar

    Sunroof - electric or manual

    Rs500s never had elecy sunroofs If you want to fit one then you need to change the spindle as its smaller on the electric sunroof
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    WRC - Group A Compression Struts (New) £450