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    RS 500 Registrar

    New owner of DJR 1

    Hi Eddie welcome to the forum ,,, The oval stickers are Goodwood stickers , you get these when you are invited to attend events that goodwood host
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    New owner of DJR 1

    Wow.......... Well done Paul that is a serious piece of Motorsport history and I can't imagine how you feel to own such a car. Well done.
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    Search option

    On the top right is a magnifyingglass good to have you back Ben.
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    Do you have any prices please?
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    Underside refresh

    Looks factory fresh again
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    Good news. I'm going to try and get there with the Brock car but it's a big ask at such short notice. Watch this space...
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    I saw this on ebay and fancied it myself Great project Marcus ,
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    I will definitely be starting a build thread on it when I get going properly on it , I need to clear a few other toys before that will start and for now it's going to have a good service , (water pump , cam belt etc ) and use it for a few months to highlight any unknown issues before I blow the budget and the body , paint and a cage .
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    first aid box

    hi there all found this on ebay item no 252595597663 ordered 1 it came today £18.66 delivered there is still 8 available am i right in saying this is the correct first aid kit for the car
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    Pistonheads rs500 artical

    Indeed, the cars deserve it
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    Be great to see some of those cars post resto.
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    Heaven paul. Well done mate. Will see you there.
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    Power steering cooler pipes (new)

    You can almost build a 500 with new parts Good job again Paul!
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    Thats the baby :-) it was the 1987 GP support race so would have still been 3dr spec like the pic as it was before August.
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    Thats great news Paul well done for getting it sorted.
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    Cheers Mark . Its testing me at the moment but still enjoying building it the best I can . Doddy thanks for comment . I used a camera to get an exact match of the paint for my underside topcoat colour . But if you look at my pictures of my underside in Epoxy Primer that is RAL 7035 Light Grey and it is a good colour match . Get a aerosol and test it before you do the full job .
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    Some good parts on the 500, you will be able to do these in your sleep now mate
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    Great pictures Paul
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    Hi all I am still in italy now the rs 500 needed a lot of work and money spent on it.iI came to buy the csi group a I thought I had a good budget but prices were crazy a load of us from the uk sat together all were there to buy various cars nobody got anything the romour was that there were 15000 bidders registered all paying 100 euro each for sure people got carried away but it's is the biggest auction ever in Europe there was some fantastic stuff there
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    Texaco ( eggenberger ) rs500s

    Confirmed now it's still in Germany. Raced in the DTM and the 2nd Grab car
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    Restoration of #389

    Looks amazing Paul, great job, am sure there is one very happy owner there!
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Now that are some rare pics
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Thats Great!
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    Restoration of #389

    My hat goes off to you Sir, what a difference :-)
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    Restoration of #389

    Good job on the underside Paul . Brings back all the fun times I had when I did mine .ha ha
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    A new car found

    Thanks Cossie 500 for the image it was a big piece of the jigsaw the car still has Music by Quart on the dash. We believe the car was also used in the 1990 JTCC car number 11 Object-T Trampio driven by Hisashi Yokoshima but posted images also show him driving what appears to be a eggenberger car with the same livery, same season but with a white interior so still need to do further homework. The interior was black as Rob has just posted and it does have the "Rouse cut out" on the LH guard. Andy has emailed us advising it was built as a LHD car for a Swedish customer, Logically I searched CMS race history / images but they don't stack up. Needing help on the last piece of the jigsaw...
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    PAUL S

    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    Is this you in your new matching Clifford race suit Paul?
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    A new car found

    Is the inside black?
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    a video of GGR 88001 being driven in anger (on the track) in Australia. driven by Craig Markland.
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    Restoration of #389

    Looking good Paul ;-)
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    GGR Listerine rs500 (1988 car )

    i'm jealous. I really wanted to buy this car last year although i couldnt find the funds to make it happen. best of luck with the car.
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    I have not yet confirmed which car but all evidence is pointing towards TLR2. I have had to put the purchase of this car or any other race car on hold for the moment. Last year, I was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and at the time, the doctors orders were to cease all exercise. At the time, I was training for a hard enduro event in Romania - RedBull Romaniacs - The diagnosis came in in August - right when I was in the middle of training in preparation for the race this year (next month) - understandably, I had to cancel that aspiration and all other aspirations that involved any form of exercise (was not even allowed to walk a game of golf). As I had nothing else to do, I purchased the RS500 kind of fill a gap (also because of an old passion) - hence why I purchased a project car rather than a mint one, as I needed something to fill in my time. After getting the RS500, my old passion for motorsport took hold again and hence the interest in the TLR car (am also looking at building an improved production 3dr as I will have a spare engine in the next couple of weeks). The week before last, I saw the number 1 heart doc / professor in the country fully expecting to have to go under the knife and spend a number of months recovering however to my surprise, he gave me a semi all clear - I still have a serious and rare heart condition that will need surgery in a few years time, but has given me the go ahead to get back into exersize and as such, the go ahead to get back on track to do Romaniacs. Unfortunately, I have missed the sign up (and preparation) for this years event so have started training for next years event. Romaniacs is going to take up 100% of my focus for the next 13 months so there is little room in there for the TLR car. I am still going to get the Moonstone RS500 finished which is getting closer every day now but other than that, it will be riding and the gym for me for the next year as I am aiming to enter what is renowned as the hardest of the hard enduro races in the second highest class next year. Hopefully, once the race if out of the way, I can get back on track and who knows, maybe my old B&H car will still be on the market and I can get it then - lets see!
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    Looks great and fantastic to be back in th uk where it belongs! Will take some serious work to get it back looking like it did originally.
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    Awsome van Paul
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    PAUL S

    Fantastic pictures

    Never seen that mix of sponsors before, must be good fun researching the cars former life Paul
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    PAUL S

    New purchase

    What are the chances of that nice find.
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    Please put some pics up Roy I love Cosworths but won't pay the high price, so will stick to my Focus RS mk1
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    Caltex build pictures

    Cheers Paul
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    Good luck Paul L pal , its a stunner for sure , tear in the eye day when that goes buddy
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    MT-Motorsport 2wd 6 Degree Fully Adjustable Rear Beam. A great upgrade for any Cosworth, all rose joint and spacers are new, high tensile zinc plated bolts with nyloc nuts. Freshly powder coated inhouse. On Stock ready to go. £1300 MT-Motorsport 4x4 6 Degree Fully Adjustable Rear Beam. A great upgrade for any Cosworth, all rose joint and spacers are new, high tensile zinc plated bolts with nyloc nuts. Freshly powder coated inhouse. On Stock ready to go. £1300
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    New website up and running

    Gone are the days when I had to post your pics for you.. proud of you lol
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    Some more pics I found of Murray's Sierra Bathurst 1988 Believe this is 1989 This is 1990 Bathurst
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    RS 500 Registrar

    Sunroof - electric or manual

    Rs500s never had elecy sunroofs If you want to fit one then you need to change the spindle as its smaller on the electric sunroof
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    Heres some pictures of my new Cosworth rear diff mounts, will come complete all parts are new and anodised in a few different colours. £120 Each.
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    Cosworth WRC - Group A TCAs (New) £650
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    Cosworth WRC - Group A Rear Anti Roll Bar Brackets (New) £70
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    Cosworth Group A Front Anti Roll Bar Brackets (New) £70
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    Cosworth WRC - Group A Rear Anti Roll Bar Set-Up (New) All parts are brand new and have been anodised, zinc plated and powder coated. £650