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  2. My new rs500 track toy.

    Looks fantastic , great job
  3. My new rs500 track toy.

    Thanks Roy I know the livery has been done to death but I’ve always wanted a Texaco car and I tried a different livery with the speed ware car and just wasn’t doing it for me.
  4. Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

    If we sit tight it might reunite with its original running gear and come back out as the kenwood jigga. Can I Baggs the Simmons.
  5. My new rs500 track toy.

    Looks very good, can't go wrong with that livery.
  6. Manchester classic car show

    Looking great
  7. Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

    why some people do this i never understand,,,,look like the shell was the mideckie yokohama in some period after accident put away,,,,the parts going in other car,,,,then somwone rebuild with mix parts from here and there,,,,, and try to link with brock heritage but the only common is that used like promo car ,,,,,,never run by peter perfect,,,,,i believe iits better to create the yoko,,more original,,,,,,
  8. Manchester classic car show

    A great weekend had by all who brought the cars along , and thanks must go to you all Ash / Mark / Andy / Andy and AJ / Darren lets hope we get an invite again next year .
  9. Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

    A great car with some early group A history , altho i do understand the confusion with its Brock connections is not as it would seem , but still a great car to own , if just a little OTT price wise
  10. Brock/Mobil Sierra Auction

    Interesting Price this car has reached with plenty of auction time to go. One o f the commodores is over $1.5m 2 x time Bathurst winner The actual history of this car hasn't yet been nailed beyond reasonable doubt I believe. I believe Neville could shed some more light on this cars lineage. One word gents. provenance, provenance, provenance. Sorry thats 3. The long time owner hasn't put a whole heap of energy into provenance as its not why he started his Brock Collection. This doesn't mean the sierra isn't a genuine Group A car Flared guards and Simmons wheels https://www.auctionator.com/LotDetails.aspx?smode=3&lid=1578580 https://www.speedcafe.com/2018/09/21/questions-over-authenticity-of-brock-sierra-up-for-auction/
  11. Manchester classic car show

    We are pleased to say that rs500 owners have been given a stand again at this years event . Please come and say hello details here http://www.manchesterclassiccarshow.com/
  12. My new rs500 track toy.

    Lol I won't be selling this one mate but I do have another here lol
  13. My new rs500 track toy.

    Get it run it and i will buy it. You need a project mate. Not a car to polish.
  14. My new rs500 track toy.

    Hello mate how's things? Yeah it's turned out really well, can't wait to get it finished and get out there.
  15. My new rs500 track toy.

    Totally awesome mate, I want it!!!! lol. Can't wait to see and hear it out on track.
  16. My new rs500 track toy.

    Evening all, well it's been a while and I didn't do a build thread for this one as didnt seem to have the time but been working on this for about a year now since I sold my speedware car and she's nearly finished. To say I'm over the moon with it would be an understatement. Let me know what you think.
  17. Escort Cosworth Front Wings Genuine

    hi do you still have the right side thank you
  18. 3Dr Cosworth

    The car is now done and good to go for roadtrips.
  19. Low miles / owner rs500 at auction

    Hi Scott It doesnt make sence that the higher miles car sold for more ,, i cant work it out . The moonstone car IMO was priced to low and may have made people wonder why , it was cheap
  20. Low miles / owner rs500 at auction

    I take it you no this car Paul? Did it go for what you expected at auction? Seemed low to me at 85k for the 11.000 mike car and 92k for the 19.000 mile car, must of been slight differences in condition I take it? Whats the story with the moonstone car? It didn’t even sell. Scott
  21. Hi In Good condition parts, Located in Norway, - 3dr header tank £500 plus delivery SOLD. - RS500 thermostathouse £290 plus delivery Can Postage to UK or rest of Europe
  22. Low miles / owner rs500 at auction

  23. Latest rs500 restoration

    You should be proud of that one Paul,I noticed it had the cracked dash who done the magic on it with the cracks . Brian
  24. Group A rs500 for sale

  25. Group A rs500 for sale

  26. Hi Paul 

    do you know of anybody to help me put the wiring harness back into my rs500 but I want to remove the vecta mobiliser which is wired in with black wires,

    many thanks doddy



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