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  3. Labbats Car

    Wireless, it has been "cobbled together in my shed" many, many times in the last 21 years !
  4. Chance of a lifetime

    Mega. No other words needed...!
  5. Labbats Car

    Haha. That's a proper job though Andy, unless you cobbled it together in your shed...??? Haha.
  6. Chance of a lifetime

    Must have been a great day Paul with seeing the famous faces and especially getting to drive the Bastos car. Not at all jealous lol.
  7. Chance of a lifetime

    You really are living the dream these days Paul
  8. Chance of a lifetime

    It was fantastic Paul . to come into the pits for my pit stop and see Rudi there waiting was unreal . The car felt exactly the same as Lui , as it should as there basicly exactly the same , other than the Bastos car did seem a lot quicker out of the corners , A fantastic car to drive and how honoured i was .
  9. Chance of a lifetime

    My life Paul, what a dream come true!!! What did it feel like compared to your cars??
  10. Chance of a lifetime

    Well i got the chance of a lifetime a few weeks ago , I was asked if i wanted to race the iconic Bastos , spa 24 hour winning car at oulton park . With rudi eggenberger looking after the car , and Gianfranco Brancatelli giving my driving tips how could i refuse . A massive thanks to the owners Peter and Anne sturgon for trusting me with there special crar It was also fantastic to get a photo with Rudi and steve soper
  11. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    This is me driving this iconic car at oulton park
  12. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    Yes Paul ,, and at oulton park , and i had the fantastic chance to race it on the monday
  13. Wow great, we got some mega cars now in the uk, the bastos car was at Silverstone classic
  14. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    New owner is in the UK
  15. Labbats Car

    Morning Wireless and all, Wireless, I have just read this thread and have had a great laugh at your comment in an earlier post, " north-east Shropshire parochial country bumpkin street race" the reason I am laughing is that one of the most famous RS00 touring car's lives in the most north-easterly part of Shropshire, how ironic ! Andy
  16. Labbats Car

    Sorry only read first page lol
  17. Labbats Car

    Hi what's not original and what mods have been done ?
  18. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    The Gravett car has been in the uk for near 2 years now and is being restored . It will be for sale once finished
  19. for sale or a new owner in uk?
  20. Eggenberger / Texaco car for sale ( NOW SOLD )

    Now back in the uk
  21. New member introduction

    stunning cars ,,
  22. Bbs e50 centre lock help 3dr

    ye that's mine #494 genuine e50s
  23. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    Ah ok, cheers Roy
  24. No need for confirmation from Paul, Gravetts 1990 car is in the UK. Don't think I am allowed to tell more about it. The pic of the actual Speedware car was taken by myself at the Nurburgring 2 weeks ago.
  25. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    Think its in the uk Roy, we need Paul L to confirm really.
  26. K.ludwig Dtm Speedware Rs500 Recreation

    Something tells me you know more Roy?? Roy where was the pic of the speedware car taken you posted??
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