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  2. Bbs 1.5” outer lips wanted.

    Hi all I’m after a set of bbs 1.5” 20 hole 17” outer lips. Anything considered. Cheers.
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  4. Sierra Bottom Rubber Spoiler

    No longer needed Spoiler located and on the way
  5. Evening all, very quiet on the forum this days which is a shame. Just wondering if anyone knew the history behind the Severn valley thundersaloon that went to japan, was it supposed to be a genuine group a car at some point in its life?
  6. Sierra Bottom Rubber Spoiler

    Hi Guys, Im looking for a bottom rubber spoiler for a 3 door. Same as the 500 ones but without the V cut for the whaletail. If you have the non genuine 500 type spoiler it can have the V cut or without im not fussed as long as its in very good condition. A genuine 500 one could be out of reach price wise but try me with whatever you have. Thanks
  7. If you are thinking of going then please book asap The discount code is ( CC7734 ) https://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/club-tickets Here is what's going on this year https://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/latest-show-news And you can also get a discount on parking through this website https://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/article/cheaper-parking-option-announced-november
  8. If you are thinking of going then please book asap The discount code is ( CC7734 ) https://www.necclassicmotorshow.com/club-tickets
  9. R500 parts

    Indicators sold
  10. R500 parts

    Splitter sold.
  11. Tremona Garage

    Got some decals from these guys , very helpful and reasonable
  12. Few 500 Parts Required

    Intake pipe from grill to air box air deflector for Front X member to intercooler lower plastic cover radiator to intercooler map sensor bracket both parts bulkhead metal panel bulkhead sound pad lower part any help would be greatly appreciated to assist with my restoration thanks in advance john
  13. As above , I know obviously the housing is different but I don’t see how the thermostat actually comes out Thanks John
  14. R500 parts

    Sent you txt message Paul ref Splitter
  15. The restoration of DJR2

    Sadly due to funding this rebuild was put on hold . We will be back on this car late September and hope to finish it by the end of the year . Ill keep you all posted . Paul
  16. NEC classic show 2019

    I am very happy to announce that the rs500 owners group have again been accepted for a stand at the biggest classic car show of the year . This is a fantastic event with something for everyone and being in the midlands is a perfect location . Our members can also benefit from discounted tickets , so before booking please contact me for the discount code . Looking forward to seeing you there
  17. R500 parts

    Sadly i think my days of rs500 ownership are over, although prices seem to be coming down ar the mo, still too high for me. So have a couple of bits that maybe of interest. Genuine ford rs500 splitter with fitting rails. Never been fitted to a car. £1600 Set rs500 fog grills, again new, genuine ford, never fitted. £450 Set new indicators, genuine ford, never fitted. £300 Rather collection, but will post if required, onviously plus postage. I dont need to sell the items, just a shame sitting around when could be on a car. Cheers Paul. 07903 750800
  18. RS500 Genuine Group A Brakes

    Make an offer,i can bring these to Ford Fair
  19. RS500 Build plaques

    Is it still possible to obtain build plaques?, my ones become a bit worn.
  20. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Haha cool pic Jerry. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Would be cool to get you all back in a RS500 for some laps around a track.
  21. Jerry Mahony Racing Pictures

    Hi Guys It's been a while since I posted on here but I do keep an eye on the site and am pleased that i's still going strong and a tribute to Paul to keep it going, I know all you guys are really passionate about your cars. I thought you might be interested in the picture I have attached. This was Robb (Gravett) and I with wives on holiday a couple of months ago. The point being that we are still great friends after all these years and it was Cosworth's that brought us together in 1987. Robb is in better nick than me and clearly the years have been kinder to him. Just a bit of trivia for you.
  22. I need the two brackets used to mount the two fold down rear seat sections to the car body (highlighted in red).
  23. My new rs500 track toy.

    U know what i think of the car mate, a real credit to you and all the hours you have put into it. Mega car. Cant wait for you to bring it to Brands!!!
  24. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    Basically, it had 2 owners after Brock in New Zealand. They raced it in various national / club level championships until the car was sold to the UK.
  25. My new rs500 track toy.

    A little update the car is finally finished and this was its first day out to have the geo setup, next stop will be to get it mapped.
  26. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    Hi Roy, can you enlighten us, I love this car.
  27. Finally got myself a Gp.A RS500

    I am not sure if Rupert is very active on here at this moment but we have figured out the complete history of the car
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