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  2. New member introduction

    Wonderful...!!! Welcome to the five hundy experience...!
  3. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    ,,SOLD ,,
  4. Search option

    It's back now
  5. Earlier
  6. Search option

    ill get this sorted fellas
  7. Search option

    Same for me
  8. Search option

    When I open the forum on my phone I see the search option, when I open it on my computer it's gone for some reason...
  9. Search option

    Thanks Roy, that is what I thought too, but alas, there is no magnifying glass for me . . . . Either logged in or not.
  10. Search option

    On the top right is a magnifyingglass good to have you back Ben.
  11. Core plugs

    Hi All, What size / qty core plugs do I need for a complete set for a YBD / RS500 205 block? Are the small plugs the same as the cylinder head plugs? And is the rear plug the same as the standard 205 YBB block? Cheers, Ben
  12. Search option

    Hi All, Back here after a bit of a hiatus. Is it just me, or did there use to be a search option that is no longer available - or am I simply having a blonde moment and cant find it? Cheers, Ben
  13. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    Good luck with the sale Paul!
  14. Rs500 inspired garage art

    Thats great I have one on the outside of my workshop, and one on the inside Love the lights on yours .
  15. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    Same as you Rich, i would love to own this car. Good luck Paul.
  16. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    Wow I'd love this. Good luck with the sale Paul and can't wait to see the replacement as it must be pretty special.
  17. Listerine rs500 Group A race car (SOLD )

    After finally being offered a car I have been after for 10 plus years I sadly have to part with my gen GGR ex BTCC listerine Rs 500 . Built by GGR for the 1988 season this great car was a front runner raced by Sean Walker in 1989 who shared a drive with F1 champion Damon hill the car is on the button and ready to go it's in good condition , but is a 30 year old race car , so is no concourse winner Everything works , inc the air jacks The car has never been crashed and is very original other than some of the original GGR tanks ( breather etc ) that have been changed . please call for more details 07759 729390 P.O.A Numbers 5 to 10 pictures are period shots , all others are up to date
  18. Rs500 inspired garage art

    His eBay name Is jimjam8610.
  19. Found this on eBay only 10 mins from my house. They guy selling it must work on garage forecourts as he has a few different signs for sale.
  20. Labbats Car

    Wireless, it has been "cobbled together in my shed" many, many times in the last 21 years !
  21. Chance of a lifetime

    Mega. No other words needed...!
  22. Labbats Car

    Haha. That's a proper job though Andy, unless you cobbled it together in your shed...??? Haha.
  23. Chance of a lifetime

    Must have been a great day Paul with seeing the famous faces and especially getting to drive the Bastos car. Not at all jealous lol.
  24. Chance of a lifetime

    You really are living the dream these days Paul
  25. Chance of a lifetime

    It was fantastic Paul . to come into the pits for my pit stop and see Rudi there waiting was unreal . The car felt exactly the same as Lui , as it should as there basicly exactly the same , other than the Bastos car did seem a lot quicker out of the corners , A fantastic car to drive and how honoured i was .
  26. Chance of a lifetime

    My life Paul, what a dream come true!!! What did it feel like compared to your cars??
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