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  2. Ok thanks for your input I know they are pricey these days cheers.
  3. A brand new bumper does not have pre-drilled holes on the back edge .
  4. Hello, i would say, if in good condition, the bumper at least 2000 and the rear spoilers also 2000. Seems that this is the value that is asked for nowadays. But i already saw bumpers having been 3000 asked for. i have a rs 500 bumper question too please: is it possible that on a new never used rs 500 bumper the holes on the back, where the splitter rises up and is bolted or "riveted" on the bumper, are not predrilled by the factory? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone I was wondering what value you would say a 500 front bumper and the rear spoilers are worth these days all genuine I believe. Someone local to me as the bits but not sure what they are worth any ideas seen very few for sale these days ?
  6. hi, Your email adress cant be correct, i get fault Message back
  7. just found out that Armin can not make Silverstone, he will be on holiday away he said he will do next years disappointing but that's racing martin
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  9. Hi can you email me as I am interested but have some questions thank you
  10. Great news Martin there is a great line up of rs500s with special drivers this year I will be there and sharing the drive in Lui with Karl Jones
  11. yes, have the 1987 sierra as pictures, chassis HWRT 1987 001
  12. Wow that will be pretty special.
  13. Very cool. Did your other race car sell martin?
  14. Guest driver Driver armin.hahne he is very keen to get into one of his old cars again
  15. Awesome mate, im there on the sunday, so make sure you look after it on the saturday running please.
  16. very nice
  17. just to confirm we will be racing this year with my ex Wolf sierra rs500 with special guest driver for the weekend who else is going martin
  18. Ah ok I didn't know that and they look pretty good, thanks for the pics Paul just gotta find some now.
  19. Thanks Pual. Regards selling mine and getting some repro ones done and Machining them down seems to be an issue also as there's only 1 person that might be able to do it.
  20. I think zeros look good most of the gen cars ran a zero
  21. They look best with 1 inch fronts and 1.5 inch rears, have you thought of selling your genuine centres to a racer and then buying a new set of repro centres machined to suit your needs? edit Aly is Superaly on here :-)
  22. Paul do you know Alys user name??
  23. I've just mocked up a wheel on 0.5" and I don't think I like the way that it looks as Paul S mentioned, it totally changes the look of the wheels. This is driving me nuts now plus what ever outers I go with really I would need to run the same on all 4 corners and trying to find them is not going to be easy.
  24. Run zero outers mate ,, problem solved
  25. Yes that's the guy, not seen him post for a while, for the life of me I cannot remember his user name. I am pretty sure he bought a set from a road car that had a good few mm removed from the back face of the wheel centre to bring it further under the arches, once that is done they are no use really on a group A race car.
  26. Hi Paul thanks for your help, I love these wheels to but I can see why people don't bother now lol. I have been in contact with Mark and he's taken the time to help me with some half inch outers so that's what I'm going with at the minute but I know what your saying about the inners sticking out. Would that be Aly with the genuine and replica ICS cars?? What's his actual user name on here Paul? Also when you say he might have some that are machine down what do you mean, the centres??
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